how to stop missing you

How to stop missing you
I’ve no idea
Don’t want to keep thinking
how much
We are here
then we’re not
The concept makes complete sense
practical really
My head wraps around the saneness
of the notion
Not enough room for everyone
Sustainability is not possible
Resources will crumble

We must be but a bit of space
a snippet of time
It’s universal law
It’s worldly wisdom
And all that shit
Practical formality
We are here
then we’re not
That’s all there is to it
Seize the moment
Grip your lover
Hug your child

How to stop missing you
I’ve no idea

I am here
you are not
for all its logic
I cannot stop crying

Dancing Flames

Dancing Flames

dancing flames published before, fire for cold is warm for life


13 thoughts on “how to stop missing you

  1. A beautiful reminder that “life is not a rehearsal” is this stunning piece, AM. When I read these words I kept thinking that I was reading my own: I think these same thoughts, and God if I could only express them as you have here. I think these thoughts at least once a day. Death: the greatest mystery ever. But you know what? I don’t think we have to ever stop missing those who aren’t here; why should we? It’s the greatest honor we can give them. Their love deserves that much. At least that’s what I think. 🙂


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