God Lamp

We are vessels
that’s what I remember
plaid hemline
across my rounded kneecaps
like Aladdin’s lamp
I rub my hands together
hoping my genie
manifests through my fingertips
A spirit so powerful
she can reach up to God
and whisper in the Almighty ear
we need help down here
My wish
My prayer
God reveal yourself
in any form you fancy
for all the world to witness
Beneath whatever language
or symbols
or beliefs
we’ve scrawled
upon your entrance
You are
despite appearances
beneath the hype
one mutual voice
with a few simple requests
of mankind–
Peace on Earth

Rudolph Hug

Rudolph Hug



16 thoughts on “God Lamp

  1. “God reveal yourself
    in any form you fancy
    for all the world to witness…”

    Ann, I feel God reveals Himself everywhere and in everything we experience while alive on this planet. It’s all His creation, perfect, seemingly timeless. All one need do is open thier eyes to see Him.


  2. How did I miss this my friend? Love the gentle drawing, love the gentle words. I’ve been remiss in my reading….weekend travels and coffee in the Residence Inns of this world. Home now….enjoying candle light and my Christmas tree. Glad to see you here…..just on the day my poetry posts turned upbeat again 🙂


  3. AnnMarie, I am reposting this at Trigger’s Horse; I think it will resonate with many of my friends and loved ones who are praying for those same things. Hugs to you – Fawn


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