“ball is life”

our children start moving away
our parents begin moving closer
the circle of life is a shape
that falls flat on its side
with no dimension
just one 360
and your time is over

I prefer a sphere
the sphere of living
the globe of going
the ball of bounty
you may go ’round
and around again
so let that dazzling ball drop
and roll into
a blessed and hopeful future

maybe sport advertisers
do know best
“ball is life”

Little Tree

Little Tree

art published last Christmas season

15 thoughts on ““ball is life”

  1. You are amazing, AnnMarie…your words and your art go right to my heart, especially now at Christmas. May your ball of life keep on spinning round and round for many more wonderful years! – Fawn


    • Ah, thanks Fawn.
      I hope all is well with you and your beautiful family.
      My blogging has gone to the back burner of late – too many things going on. I hope to return a bit more after the holidays.
      ps I did read your post about your name change while waiting for my mother-in-law at the eye doctor – congratulations and happiness with your newly realized beginning:)


  2. Love the drawing…..love the joy. Your words made me think of my knitting….I prefer to think not of the knitting itself, which decreases the ball of yarn…..but the unwinding of the hank into a ball….the continual layering upon layering and the ball that changes shape and gets bigger and bigger….for me, that’s the beauty of life. They layer upon layer of experiences. 🙂 Happy layering my friend!


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