still grand

my pianochipped black and white keys
my hundred year old friend
to another home
another love
the holiday music sheets are quiet
Christmas melodies ring out
through radio wires
and satellite dishes
not from beneath my fingers at this festive time
I do hope one day
to welcome another instrument
something much smaller
to dwell in the studio
alongside the paint brushes and pencils
it won’t be the same though
how could it
but I’ve had a wish fulfilled
luckier than many

during this holiday season
there is a struggling musician
with jubilant fingers playing
like silk bows across promising gifts
her young smile now as bright as
a Christmas star

and this to me
is beautiful music




8 thoughts on “still grand

  1. It’s bad enough when dogs climb on the furniture. When they stand on the piano bench and start poundin’ out “You Ain’t Nuthin’ But A Beagle,” well, it’s too much. Downright presumptuous…

    You really did lose/sell/donate/had your piano stolen?? I didn’t even know you played. Loved the poem, even if it did make me sniffle. A struggling musician with jubilant fingers… benefiting from your letting go.
    Bell-la’s so cute. My cheeks get that way sometimes when I’m looking for ice cream and leave the freezer door open too long… : )


    • lol – yes, those stuffed beagles can be quite obnoxious – always looking to steal the limelight;)
      Yes, my piano is gone. No room for it now with my mother-in-law here but there is room for a lovely upright in my basement studio! So I will get another soon hopefully before I forget how to play 😉

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