pigmentless words

allowing a little light to
illuminate inside the heart
and to share what’s taken foothold
is not quite as daunting
on drawing paper or canvas
as it is to
express one’s soul in ‘pigmentless’ words
the grander the emotion
the greater the image
bigger, bolder maybe
powerful thought-evoking forms
screaming colors
seizing lines
frenzied strokes
well, its meaning can’t be gotten
the same way at all
one’s embedded thoughts
culled through letters
timed with sweating nuance
almost impossible
to arrange in quartets
that sing without song
were it not for the passion
charging each ascending spark
into raging flame
a heaving wildfire
to burn down the castle walls
that the massive dragon
cannot smother




13 thoughts on “pigmentless words

  1. Pigmentless words… hmm. I’m gonna hafta chew on thet fer a spell, as the cowpoke said about his beef jerky sandwich…

    I like the idea of Pig Mints, however. Peppermint? Phooey! But bacon-flavored mints? Ah! Now yer talkin’, as the ventriloquist said to the suddenly loquacious dummy…

    Loved the idea of embedded thoughts burning down castle walls, and the Holidragon has to be one of your most inspired and playful monster creations! : )


  2. Okay — I’m stopping my catching up with this one. Words are wonderful but your holidragon is superb!!! Love the candy cane, the Christmas tree spikes…Now this my friend is a sellable image!! (As are many of yours) My grandsons would LOVE this!! Smiling I am! Hoping I can somehow print this and send to them… Created by AnnMarie, my dear coffee friend! Love it!! Smiling I am!!


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