not what I expected

so far behind where I normally am for this time of year
as I suffer from HOHO OCD
don’t like doing the crazed shopping thing
with the reindeer-like snorting
and elfin foot twitching on some store’s yule tile

many changes ’round my gingerbread house this year
nothing horrid
just many needles simultaneously falling off the evergreen
this mad dropping conifer has been obstructing my path to
holiday hype preparedness

it happened today
while I was feeling very sorry for myself
and all that I had to accomplish
to create another Merry Memory

on the sick side of the pediatrician’s office
two little girls sharing the common bond
of a Christmas Cough and Holiday Hack
I sat there with the delicate daughter
(mind you, not so delicate when it comes to a throat culture, without a helmet she could take out Odell)
one of these precious little girls began singing,
Silver and Gold
then the other darling chimed in

my self-involved brain began singing along with them
an octave lower for the chorus
when they changed up the lyrics
they didn’t sing, “…silver and gold, silver and gold…”
they sang, “…silver and gold and blue and green and red…”
and they kept going
giggling while adding colors

before I knew it
I was giggling along with them
and the cranky old lady that had been sitting on my heart all day
reunited with her Christmas spirit
not what I expected
not at all

For those of you who celebrate, I extend a Merry Christmas
For all, I wish you a warm and exciting New Year full of hope and possibility

Peace, Love and Light,

A Gift

A Gift


29 thoughts on “not what I expected

      • Your welcome AnnMarie. I am glad to hear that.I have a sneaking suspicion I will be spoiled this year too I wrote Santa a very long list and mailed that letter a month ago. I think more than the gifts getting a christmas card from Sammi after two years of out of touch, reconnecting with Ashley after 5 months and my AnnMarie story are my favorite parts of this Christmas this year more than any gift. It’s better to give than receive and holidays are best when spent with friends and family.

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  1. Activities pre-holiday and a wonderful 5 days in NC, called Cousins’s Week by the 5 grandkids…and now a quiet Christmas Eve and day….started this morning with this wonderful collage and Christmas giggles.
    Hoping all will be well in your household and wishing you a joyful Christmas my friend. I truly enjoy our friendship here. Raising my morning cup to you! 😊🌲


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