the gift of aging

another day granted
to gaze at the sky above
from the earth below

Aged Smile

Aged Smile

woke this morning with these words in my head
artwork previously published

15 thoughts on “the gift of aging

  1. Few people knew me as a child, especially at school. I was a recluse and didn’t mingle with people. I attended an all boy’s high school so I didn’t date. I applied myself to schoolwork so that I could get a scholarship to attend college. It worked, I maintained a 4.75 GPA for 4 years and won an all tuition, fees scholarship to any state institution in Illinois. I enrolled in Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville. That was a really long time ago, about 45 years. Now I’m retired and a couch potato.

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  2. Thankful for every day. Tis a gift this process called aging. Not the so-called wisdom that comes with it, rather the way our eyes savor more, I think, the everyday things around us.
    On to my luncheon tea………yes. I’ve taken to ginger-lemon tea or Tulsi masala chai decaffeinated in the afternoons. A little bit of spice added to the day 🙂


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