the young athlete in purple and gold was trying to escape
his muscles maxing out in length beneath his sweating skin
each time crawling on knees and palms to reach the outer ring
to safety
every wrestler knows when you reach that white circle, the whistle blows
out of bounds
you get another chance
he was fierce
yes he was
in his determination

the other wrestler wearing the baby-blue and white singlet
continued lunging at his fleeing opponent
baby-blue and white wanted the win badly
purple and gold was trying with all his power to escape

on the other side of the large wrestling mat,
a bulbous-bellied man in a bright yellow shirt
was positioned like the sun
he stood there eclipsing all else around him with
his giant flashing camera and smashing fists
he was a bright star
without the warmth
but with all the heat
loads of hot air bursting out
through a constant barrage of bellows
screaming at the young wrestler–his son

and secretly, the young wrestler in the purple and gold and I both knew
he was trying
trying very hard
to escape
to reach that white circle
and never stop running
Love Tackleart previously published
unfortunately, this is a true story, colors of singlets were changed to protect the innocent:)

19 thoughts on “escaping

  1. Hey, lady … dipping my toes back in ye old warm waters of the blogosphere (because I tend to say one thing, then do another). πŸ™‚
    Well, you know, your lovely post tonight resonnates with me, it truly does. I’ve been to athletic events of all kinds and witnessed this same father on the sidelines. I thank God my own father was never like this. And you were quite astute to see all of this sporting drama playing out in the gymnasium, and to understand the true feelings of the poor wrestler in purple and gold.
    Reaching that white circle and never stopping running — that seems to me to be a life-sized metaphor in more ways than one. Beautiful post, AM.


  2. Have you considered writing longer (i.e. epic) story poems and illustrating them? From what I’ve seen of your portfolio, you have the skill to pull it off. This is, at present, a nonexistent genre which could have a hidden market, and print on demand self-publishing should make it affordable.


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