8 minutes door to daughter

wishing them closer for awhile
now that while has arrived
in a few weeks time
8 minutes door to door
8 minutes door to daughter
in a new year
destined to be filled with surprises
rediscovering parents from a new perspective
geographically tighter
the wisdom of years they will bring
along with ailments
both still dogmatically independent
a beautiful thing
in a world they’ve watched
grow older too
more naked
more stripped of dignity
not always, but often

I hope to learn
I hope to help
as they have helped me
in more ways than
I will ever understand
in this reversal of life

five cent pump pencil

art previously published


27 thoughts on “8 minutes door to daughter

  1. It’s going to be nice having them so close and they are blessed to have you around! All the very best to you all for the New Year! 😘


  2. A nice surprise: I got home, found you’d dropped this post today — a good way to start my new year!
    AnnMarie, you will learn much, you will help much, you will be changed much — and you will never regret one moment of it. And some day Max and Caroline will rediscover you and Keith “from a new perspective” (I really like that description), and the circle will be unbroken. It’s a beautiful thing, Miss. Let the experience open your heart, your mind, and your soul.
    Just my two cents’ worth, πŸ˜‰


    • Funny, I feel like I’ve been moving furniture nonstop for 3 months – a few more weeks then everyone should be in place including their furniture. It will be interesting and enlightening – fun too I suspect at some point once all muscle groups recover:)
      I do look forward to having coffee with my folks some mornings – that will be really nice
      Thank you, Deb


  3. Words so true and heartfelt and yes, the ebb and flow of life constantly changing. I wish you strength and courage for this new chapter in your life… And yes, there will be many new lessons to come not always easy… But these things enable us to grow within ourselves…beautiful words, take care and hope the transition goes smoothly πŸ’ŸπŸ˜€ xx


  4. ….ah the dance of life…..and the role reversals that come with it. There will be trying times, funny times, melancholy times, wonderful times. And, what I learned from all of those moments we had my mom just a five minute walk from our doorstep (much longer for her faltering steps), I will never regret those times. Cherished memories …. you will, I’m certain, create cherished moments many. As I used to say, “normal” is simply a setting on the dryer.


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