holiday sweetness swallowed
digested sugared out cells

something of substance now
coaxed to inspiration through stiffening fingers
by broad daylight shafts of the Bilco
they both open you know
two doors
easily transporting giant dollhouse furniture
in and out
one should build choices
in life’s structure

as cornered animals never fare well
and cornered humans far worse
if it’s passion you seek 
shove the cumbersome drafting table
or dense writing desk
by the Bilco
keep those doors open
welcome the frigid air
to stoke your muse
and let the distant sun
melt your inhibitions

Lion Dreams

Lion Dreams

shown a few times – he’s one of my favorites


8 thoughts on “wonderfoul

  1. You know, this “Wonderfoul” is wonder-ful. I’ve read it several times — I like the way it moves, the graceful lilt with serious undertones. This is really good stuff, AnnMarie. It’s poet-stuff, deft in word choice, rhythm, structure, the emotion palpable, the imagery solid as drafting table and writing desk. (I had to look up Bilco, btw ;))
    When I see you write like this, make your words skate like Dorothy Hamill (remember her? Remember the “Hamill bob” haircut?) on this screen of smooth ice, I wish to God you’d listen to me and … but I shan’t harp. Harping gets one nowhere, except perhaps a fish from the sea or a tune for heaven (hey! I just made that lame metaphor up, just now! See? If you’d written this comment the metaphor would be so much better). Take thyself seriously. Epictetus said: “As you think, so you become.” (Okay, so he said some other things, too.) Think of thyself as poet/writer/artist extraordinaire, and so shall ye be. I am not shitting you — now do it! ‘Build choices,’ yes — the right choices. End of Sermon #18756
    (P.S. Love the art, too.)


    • Ah, my friend who always makes me look things up – who the hell is Epictetus she thinks to herself (careful not to utter the name aloud as to sound ill-informed)…
      This comment is one I shall cherish – up it will go onto my wall in front of my face – I promise I will make my most ardent attempt this year – see my Girl Scout badges flashing – on my honor:) I will hold Sermon #18756 close to my heart lest there be a #18757 on the mount;)
      I truly thank you, my intrepid friend and appreciate your steadfast encouragement…


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