no one was injured in the making of this life

when does the mellifluous voice-over sing
no one was injured in the making of this life
where is he and his satin, solid chords
he guarantees I won’t expire if used correctly
you won’t void my warranty if accidentally bounced around
did I tell you
I want out of my contract
I’m old merchandise
used up
I just want to leap off this fucking shelf
land on that lovely yellow-tooth enamel floor
and beat it
far away where products get a second chance
not a shelf life – that’s so 2015
I want a new paint job
and old money
where is that guy
who can buy me shiny
now see, I’m not talkin’ diamonds
hate ’em
no gems, furs or initials like some brand burned on my ass
I want pure unadulterated gifts
that will touch my heart
in ways
only deep can reach
so bring your old money
and your wet lust
but stay home if you’re not the real deal
I want it all
I’m used goods and my time is precious
so much more so
than those greenbacks

M's Tears

M’s Tears

ah, my brain is exploding and the words are vomiting, sorry…


10 thoughts on “no one was injured in the making of this life

  1. Ooooo … I do like this rant, the ‘tude expressed in these curvaceous lines (like MM’s curves; excellent art, btw). Brain exploding, words vomiting — sounds like cartoon balloons are needed with captions like “wham” and “zwack” and all of those energetic verbs. Okay, I’m rambling here, but just let me say that whatever you’re eating, drinking, imbibing, lifting, moving, driving — whatever-the-WTF — it’s certainly working to loosen up the writing chops. This is great, AM, period. (I have to say, I have a similar rant I’ve had “in the can” for a while, but it’ll be a long while before I share it because it’s sophomoric in comparison.) It’s rather odd saying this, but … please do vomit some more. It definitely becomes you. LOL 😉


      • LOLing — you almost made me spit out my salad greens. Placid … that’s a lake in NY, isn’t it? (Sorry, I’m bein’ a shit today, and yesterday. Feelin’ goofy of late.)


      • I’m waiting for Karole who is getting a haircut – four beauticians were just screaming – I thought they saw a mouse but it was more frightening;) one of them dropped her perfectly measured lunch portion on the floor – they all screamed then it turned quickly into hysterical laughter – they all are delirious – goofy is a perfect way to live:)!


  2. It’s the only way to live (and food on the floor is serious chaos). I’m sitting here staring at this screen, willing the damn story to write itself. Why won’t it? Is that asking too much, I wonder? 🙂


  3. Wow! So much energy and angst and truth as you say, all spat out in one go? It got me thinking about The Philosophy of Writing? Why does one write, what does one write, how does one write? I suppose at the end of the day you are being true to yourself… No show, no cover up, just write it as it comes. This is masterly writing AM… Amazing drawing too! Wow! 😀


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