words are never empty

empty words
no such things
words have never been
and can never be empty
heavy, yes
thick, cumbersome
devoid of life
platitude dense
all these things words can be
but never empty
they are full
sometimes so much
their very weight
drags inspired arms
to the floor
gentle hands
lose hopeful grip
souls, hearts
cannot defend themselves
against cutting letters
so don’t ever tell me of empty words
there are only hollow thoughts
where your heavy words
have collapsed

Harem Eyes

Harem Eyes

art previously published


16 thoughts on “words are never empty

  1. I’d love to know the inspiration behind these words, AM, but it’s not necessary nor my business. Still, such a powerful message, and I do hope you’ve personally never been the recipient of “cutting letters” or “hollow thoughts” (really like the idea that “hollow”ness comes from collapsed heavy words — nice). And though this is a post about words and their power, I’d just like to say that images have communicative swag too (worth a 1000 words, remember) and this image, “Harem Eyes,” “speaks to me” and what it says is, “Tell the artist who drew me to do more art … Tell her how good she is, to look at me and see her God-given talent.” I’m sorry to be corny; it’s late; I’m tired; it’s been a hard week. But you get my point.


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