insatiable appetite

like a rogue lioness
I would have pounced
but that was then
(I’m not going to say)
and this is now
too predictable
both in word and deed

if I’ve accumulated anything
by virtue of the sinking sun
the lioness
is never predictable

as low as her folded hide may hang
as glazed as those golden eyes may glow
that broad chest of hers will never ferry ancient artifacts
each day of each year feeds her feline ribs
with fresh promise

a lioness
has an insatiable appetite, my friends
for pulsating life
for playing to her strengths

and so it goes

back then I would have pounced
but now I’ll observe awhile
before deciding whether or not to jump
on your flesh

say, aren’t you lucky
LionessI was listening to Glenn Miller while brushing my teeth and this popped into my head, I pounced down the basement stairs;) and released it here
I like this lioness – I’ve shown her several times before
I did use a reference image but I can’t remember from where, sorry


15 thoughts on “insatiable appetite

  1. I like this lioness, too. Like her a lot. Such a regal character, such dignity. And again, those eyes!
    I like this poem a lot, too. You know, I’ve figured out some things about your writing that I’ll share with you soon in an EML when things calm down some. Suffice it to say that this poem is a good example of my thesis. I’ll write an “explication” of AMRK, just like I had to do in college;) In the meantime, bella poesia, AM. 🙂


  2. Loved this painting when you first posted it….or second….don’t know which but I do remember commenting on it — For me, the bloody whiskers say it all. But sadly, those lioness ribs and folded sagging skin tell another side of her…the hungry, forever hunting for sustenance side. Will she pounce or not? Only her growling stomache knows!!! Love this one! And gosh, aren’t we all a lioness at heart sometimes….as in….come with me on the connection here….should I say it or not? should I do it or not? Should I take her/him down or not? Ah….back to my reading here….


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