writer blocked

“the writing has to be real”
he screams into her eardrums
the war of words hasn’t even begun marching
no matter

he mercilessly continues the assault
“raw introspection must bleed from every serif”
now that’s delicious, she muses
imagining him dispatched with a saber of nasty grammar
hell-vetica she’s chosen – no ascenders or descenders – asshole
the battle is heating up
no support arriving for her open flanks
he is ever wicked and callous

real and raw lay open and bleeding
those nails of her hers bitten down to the core
forever scratching at that mountain
blanks hit her from behind like Kennedy bullets
she almost fantasizes the sun rising over a groundswell

in a show of desperate force
she slams the laptop closed
and swings ’round to lance him with her army of dried-up pens
he’s too quick
elusive bastard
those words of his –
lead cannonballs sinking her fingertips
“the writing has to be real…”

the only thing real in the room right now
is her headache and heartache
empty again
and there’s nothing she can do to protect herself

he’ll be back tomorrow…





14 thoughts on “writer blocked

  1. Is that bastard bothering you, too? 😉
    “The writing has to be real” … real “what,” we should ask him (btw: that guy, your drawing, is really kind of scary!).
    Yes, he’ll be back tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that.
    But don’t worry, Miss — I know you can handle him. Try Palatino-ing him in the Trebuchet. 🙂
    It always works for me.
    [Nice post, AM :)]


  2. Beautiful work as always AnnMarie! I got some exciting ‘Beautiful AnnMarie’ is getting published on a blog ‘Letters to the mind’ Welcome to Letters to the Mind,

    This is a project that aims to address Mental Health issues by writing to them through the medium of letters, poems, short essays/creative non-fiction and any other forms that contributors wish to write in.

    Jade said she was very moved by the story. I told you any story with AnnMarie is a smash hit. I am submitting more stuff to them. It’s going to help kill the negative stigma of mental illness and that will give me joy to do.


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