unexpected love

like mapping the skies
in search of patterns
a complete image can only manifest
by filling in the gaps, the dark spots
with what you know to be true
fight for the strength
to lift your flickering head
see the ancient skies reborn
allow the dark
to be your light

let the fiery stars
elevate your land-ladened heart
 if you look up
 it will be there
as fascinating as a brilliant constellation
unexpected love…

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher


21 thoughts on “unexpected love

  1. There is much mysticism within this poem…allow the dark to be your light and if you look up it will be there. Love this one and your quirky figure with such a profound message…Thank you1 😊


  2. Lovely words from the “looking up poet” (you do reflect on that big dome overhead quite a bit, you know). And the last line is major payoff coming as unexpectedly as what may be found in that brilliant sky. I like!


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