drinking in hell

pumping oxygen into shriveled dreams
is this what Faust meant to do
sell his pre-owned soul to the devil
in exchange for impractical objects
now if I were to barter with the devil
I’d trade ‘him’ something shiny and new
a cold case of shimmering champagne
that devil and I would squat on a charred out stump
we’d rest back to back
and have ourselves a fancy drink
a sparkling bubbly chilled to perfection
no stem glasses
coffee mugs – it’s hot down there
while chewing on the nuances of life
and spitting out bygone results
the devil would get high on evaporating ice
I’d giggle from fizz leaping into my nose
we’d sling back a few 

until finally
the devil clears his throat and makes an unusual request

rather than stoking my pre-owned soul
or sucking down a fab case of fine French
‘he’d’ ask one thing –
to forever hear my giggle
I’d smile and whisper gravelly, trying to sound like Demi Moore
Mr. Devil, it you’d like to hear my giggle for all eternity
you must love life in a way
that will melt your horns
fade your alizarin crimson hide to Valentine pink
and break hell apart
into chunks smaller than Red Hots
if you can accomplish this
I’ll giggle for you, Mr. Devil
until my endless tears of joy
fill up that old giant hell hole

little diablo

little diablo



23 thoughts on “drinking in hell

  1. The cutest darn devil is that little guy in your drawing, AM. Okay, now this is one of those “new” (or sort of new) stylistic pieces and it’s sweet and I can see AM having a “hell” of a good time writing this. And I must say, you made me look up a word: alizarin. Did not know it; so thanks for learnin’ me a new word. This is strong writing, Miss — and fun reading.


  2. Love it all! Especially this one line “while chewing on the nuances of life” — and the idea of inserting Demi Moore into this one 🙂 Would that we could take the devil and make him a pile of teeny tiny red hots and then heave them all into a giant cistern with no bottom! 🙂 Well done, my friend. On to my second cup of coffee on this chilly morning in Bermuda — only 64 degrees 🙂


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