uptitty bookreader

damn horse, had a sure thing
jack jockey was horse-size himself
I’ll win the lottery soon, maybe next week
when they get my damn numbers right
freakin’ lotto balls
my carpet sweeper got more suction
than that damn blowin’ machine
I’m gonna win the 5G shoppin’ spree
just gotta do the survey
when my damn computer feels like workin’
screw the dude who said I gotta beige dinosaur
my machine ain’t no albatross
though them nasty black birds siphoned all my grass seed
shit birds
too bad my cat took off
offended for bein’ named Snowball
it thought it was all hot
like that chick
thought she was better than the Yankees
I set her straight
couldn’t order a good hot dog worth a damn anyway
who buys peanuts
that’s what’s left in my kitchen
peanuts, butter and some crackers
freakin’ saltines, what the hell
may as well eat sand
like the line she said I crossed
or the sand I shifted can’t remember what the hell she said
she said bookies are real bad
told her only if ya lose
and my ships are comin’ in
she said traitor winds blow hard
said my feet only shuffled in circles
I shuffled the sand when I shifted the line
she screamed my primo leakin’ shower head
mixed all the crap up
like the cement shoes I’ll soon be wearin’
all I know is โ€“ those curvy pants of hers closed when those damn books opened
uptitty bookreader anyway
don’t know what the hell she was ever talkin’ about
I only wear Gucci slides
upitty girl


13 thoughts on “uptitty bookreader

  1. A fun read, AnnMarie. I felt like I should be using an accent while I was perusin’ your words. Ha ha! Just love the feathery eyelashes and hair swirl of the ‘bookreader.’


  2. Oh AM ….. where do you come up with some of these??? This is amazing! The dialogue holds true through the entire piece. I can hear it!! ๐Ÿ™‚ wow! And I’m not sure how I feel about the drawing….little bit of a too high forehead for me….crosses over the sand a bit! ๐Ÿ™‚


    • I often don’t know what I’m going to write or draw for that matter – these words started with one line and as I contemplated the piece a moment – I wanted to use a new piece of art (don’t have too many at the moment) these last few, including this high-headed;) lady were all created while in the hospital with Karole


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