Props: full-length mirror, office chair

Characters: a. (person sitting in chair), b. (person sitting in mirror)

Setting: someone’s basement studio

Time: night closing in

a.  well?

b.  what?

a.  c’mon, let’s not play that game, you know what I want

b.  I simply can’t do it. it’s not anymore complicated than that

a.  I’m so tired of your lame, cryptic responses

b.  that makes two of us

a.  see right there, another jewel of junk

b.  okay, now you’re hurting my feelings. I think–

a.  whoa, let’s not be creative and start thinking

b.  (begins chewing inside of mouth and rolling chair backwards)

a.  (grinning, dark eyebrows clearly arching upward) alright, let me change topic before you roll away sobbing. let’s move from why you write what you do or what you don’t. there see, I threw you a cryptic bone. let’s talk monsters. why do you make them?

b.  (stares down at feet, shifts in chair) I’ll tell you, but you’re not going to like it

a.  ah, more CRYPTICISMS. let me make it easier for you. do you create these silly creatures from your brain, your fingers, your ass or your feet? (smirking) I noticed you were looking at your feet to answer the last question

b.  you’re just plain mean, you know that. that’s where the monsters are. that’s where they come from.

a. (clearly exasperated) what do you mean?

b. EXACTLY! (laughing)

at that very moment moonlight breaks through studio window. b.’s fingers grip chair armrests, forehead begins sweating, long coarse hairs rise through skin, vertebrae start popping out shirt back, cackling–voice growing deeper and deeper, bulging muscles burst through clothing

a. WHAT! (tears of hysteria pouring out panicked brown eyes)

b. (stands erect, now towering 8 feet, walks toward mirror)

a. DON’T DO IT! The shards will shred your feet and then you’ll have no one to talk to (manages a small laugh)

b. (lifts mirror with one curved finger, smashes it on floor then leaps through studio door)

…and in the black night, desperate howling echoes to the moon and into Hudson Valley…



30 thoughts on “crypticisms

  1. I am definitely enjoying your scripts/playwriting here lately (this is your 2nd one, right?). You handle dialogue so well — I’m envious. A dialogue with the self — very fun! And very visual — I could “see” this little tête–à–tête in my mind’s eye as I read. Of course, that darn B still hasn’t really answered the question … unless … B’s saying that monsters aren’t mean by nature, but are born of meanness … hmm … that could “mean” there are a lot of monsters “out there,” right? That we all have the “monster” in us, maybe? 😉 Hmm, I just amazed myself there actually …. 🙂
    Another homer, AM 🙂 Art is great, too.


  2. Night closing in indeed! Oh MY! Shards of glass broken…..quite a scene here. B is absolutely frightening — in some ways — I think we are all B and sometimes just want to SMASH out of a circumstance, a scene, a cycle, a whatever. He is quite fierce looking here though…


  3. Wait a minute– I thought b was the person in the mirror, and a was the person in the chair. Naw, forget it, this is no time to pick nits… : )

    Extraordinary, AM. An ingenious premise, with just the right dash of cryptic. Writer-artist confronts her creative abyss and… well, I think we have to consider it a learning experience… : )

    Very cool, you are definitely my kind of moon enthusiast!


    • Hey there, funny man – how the heck are ya!
      Thanks for allowing the mirror to confuse as it so often does. And damn if you ask that mirror, “who’s the fairest.” These days I only dare ask, “does this lip gloss make me look fat.” 😉
      Thank you, Mark for your most entertaining comments, as always!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Apologies… My mobile seized up and little did I know Same message sent 3 times… Technology eh? I was brought up before the age of computers… Kind of tough on folk like me! Sorry…. If I bored you… 😀


  5. Once again… I post something then it appears to not have sent when all along it has… Help! If you get this message twice, forgive me. If not, mobile seizing up and apologies for earlier x3 repetition…


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