vague recollections

when we were at our worst
the best we could muster were vague recollections
our last bitter months spent
immersed in the sickness we’d become
like so many others
we choose to throw up our hands
and wave that featureless flag
rather than fight the disease
that had invaded our trust, plagued our bond
I changed the locks
praying a shiny new key might open another door –
far away from our self-imposed afflictions
while your damaged heart became wanton host
to modified digital faces with piled-on profiles
in a very short while
what had once been genuine longing and unchecked passion
like a promising placebo chased down with vodka

swirl skating

swirl skating


23 thoughts on “vague recollections

  1. “when we were at our worst
    the best we could muster were vague recollections” …

    It’s that Germanic cadence again, enjambing the negative and positive (“worst” – “best”). You did it before in that other poem I partially translated and I’m thrilled to see it again — it’s definitely a strength, There’s a real playfulness to these important opening lines. Maybe I should have just said that from the beginning.


      • [I forgot to comment, sorry …]
        Really … this post is a mystery to me, AM.
        I suppose that’s why I like it so much.
        In it’s “vagueness” is its strength.
        There is always a line or two, or a phrase, or two, in your work that astounds, is the hook that won’t let go.
        Me thinks I shall never understand completely this verse …
        And that’s okay. 🙂
        You’d better get your project done soon …
        I miss reading you already, my friend.

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  2. Her eyes are piercing…the mask, but not a mask….I love all the fine lines you’ve used …. she is quite entrancing! Really an exquisite drawing!
    “… changed the locks
    praying a shiny new key might open another door..”
    This line — trying something new — to ressurect the once strong feelings….and then ultimately knowing it’s not worked….like the placebo downed with vodka. Stark ending for this mysterious lady. Well done!
    “No apologies necessary” but I must add…….niece visiting us in Bermuda for 5 days — way behind my friend. Shall work my way backwards this evening. As always, your work is double-duty my favorite /// artistic wave of the pen and charcoal/brush!


    • This was another piece from the hospital – as you can see – I was visually all over the place – ah, the thought of twilight sleeping;)
      Thank you, Lillian for this beautiful comment – your observations are enlightening – I enjoy how you read the words:)
      here’s to 2 umbrella drinks, four hands and endless hours to enjoy:)
      ps I’m going to be taking a little time off to get projects done – I’ll be back soon and will look forward to catching up soon, my friend:)

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