I keep asking myself
who i is
why is my i so important
just a letter
a blip of time
every letter has a small space
to accumulate crap
then let it go
I want to leave something
for my kids
I want to make something
for my soul
while there is a head attached
you bet
i hope I’m in good company

Erté homage

Erté homage

Though I’m quite Italian, I wish all who celebrate a Happy Saint Pat’s!


7 thoughts on “i

  1. Beautiful drawing AnnMarie and excellent writing! I finished my 900th story today big moment I dedicated it to a new blogger friend Caitlin from Wales, UK who aspires to be a filmmaker. I also wrote her a song named after her. I haven’t heard back from her yet I may have scared another one away. But victory is mine regardless only 100 stories until 1000. AnnMarie= Number One BIG WOO HOO tonight for AnnMarie!


  2. Who wants it most? (The i does.)
    Run your own race (u r).
    * – *

    “Just say what you want to say, then, and say it with all your heart.” Liz Gilbert (you’ll get it soon enough) 😉


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