Remember to Think Responsibly

Just droppin’ in to wish
HAPPY ST PAT’S to those who partake
Now go and have fun
but please remember to


Art Muscle

Art Muscle

Just making sure I still remember how to post;) Twittering has been confusing the feathers outta me…


13 thoughts on “Remember to Think Responsibly

  1. Happy St Paddys Day AnnMarie nice to see you. I don’t think responsibly all the times but I am not drinking today and chosen to finish my latest book ‘The Rita Bfull Eight’ to post and share with Rita B. It was a fun book. Beautiful work AnnMarie! AnnMarie= Number One! A BIG Woo Hoo to AnnMarie!


  2. Hey, what a most pleasant surprise to find my favorite Italian wishing me a Happy St. Patrick’s Day. 🙂 I shall think (and drink) most responsibly on this green day, my friend. 😉 Happy St. Paddy’s Day to you, too! (Selfishly, glad to see you’re back, even if only on a limited basis.)


  3. Good to see you AnnMarie, hope you are well! Honestly from my perspective, Twitter is as confusing as heck and ridiculous. As is Facebook. Be well. 🙂


  4. Ah, AnnMarie, how I have missed you! But it sounds like you have an exciting project in the works, and my posting has been a bit anemic lately…shall try to Think Responsibly today as I hang out with both my kids (a surprise visit from Joseph and Erika last night), then go bus tables at OG tonight. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to your crew! – Fawn


    • Hello, friend Fawn
      You have an excellent day with your beautiful family. All good here. I’ve been working toward a real book-’cause I’ll be paying for it;)-but that doesn’t lessen the time and effort to put it together. I’m excited and nervous and hopeful and probably too childlike to be adult about it;) I miss our exchanges as well and I do look forward to returning to WP – as I type this I’m listening to the, King and I, the music is playing that introduces Anna to all the King’s kiddies
      Happy St Pat’s!


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