drinking alone

I suck my drink down
all the way to the bottom
just like my life
all the way to the bottom
the fractured chips
how beautiful they shine
way up there in aroma heaven
my dark crimson ‘lipstuck’
always looks prettier on the rim
after the glass has been emptied
when staring up isn’t so painful

Upright nude trio/charcoal

charcoal nudes done way, way back in high school
this was an experiment – from the writing aspect, not the drinking;)


19 thoughts on “drinking alone

  1. If this is an “experiment” then you must keep experimenting, because this, my dear, is Callas at her finest. This, dare I say, is bel canto — the bel canto of AMRK. I want you to keep “experimentin'” because you do it better than anyone I know of. And oh, btw, the art is mighty fine and sexy too; I like that the model isn’t some anorexic chick. “The fractured chips / how beautiful they shine” — fuck me, that’s terrific. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Incredible drawing AnnMarie! Great writing as usual.Only a matter of time before AnnMarie becomes very rich and mega famous. AnnMarie= Number One! Woo hoo! I love The AnnMarie!


  3. “my dark crimson lipstick” — great image! Ah yes….some of those who sit at the bar tending that drink, tipping it till the ice hits the nose….letting it sit while they meditate, waiting for the ice to melt to just get a little bit more taste of that firewater…….oh my mind moves wth this one.
    And might I say, high school??? Talented then…megatalented now. I agree — get thee to a figure studies class again! Just amazing that a hand and a piece of charcoal and a keen teenage eye could produce this!

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    • thank you, Lillian
      half of my senior year was spent in an Independent Study program where I drove my little, white Ford Maverick with the blue-plaid interior to a fabulous figure drawing class – my initial drawings were beyond horrible. It’s amazing though, how one loses that languid touch when not using live models – I do plan on returning to a figure class in the future – kiddies to colleges first though:)

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