splintered stage

we pantomime the roles we are destined to play
iterations of our selves powdered with granules of age
we struggle to sparkle on each splintered stage
box the translucent director about the ears
we sob if swollen roses aren’t tossed at our aching feet
these theatrical lives we dress and primp for
our practiced actions and exaggerated thoughts
fill the numbered rows
passersby note the sheer breeze on perfectly presentable days
how grand the marquee introduces us 
until the night inevitably falls
a lingering effect of banner reviews
the shade pulls away the sun
among the threadbare seats

highlights are broken down
gels stop proffering hazy moon glow

the distressed set has sunk well below the orchestra pit
as we strip costumes and scrub away masks
in our disposable dressing rooms
a crystal decanter smiles and
in its bottomless grandeur we

search for that little drop of poison
to ease hellacious day into callous night
where no lights warm obsidian air
or hollow stories clap clogged memories
still the flashing sign stage left reminds us
we must soon exit




14 thoughts on “splintered stage

  1. Okay, this is enough. Enough already, I say! You are writing so well, so strongly, so confidently and controlled, these words painterly splashes and daubs you apply with aplomb to the canvas. I’m totally blown away here and fumbling (as you can probably tell) with what else I can say except “please keep writing and making art, Miss.” As I write these words La Wally booms throughout my little cabin, a glass of Merlot sits at my side, and having read this wonderful poem — about the theatre of all things (and of course not ONLY about the theatre) — I am carried off, transported to another world, an AMRK creation, and it is very, very pleasant there. Of course, that last line is a stinger, enit? “We must soon exit” — a reminder of our mortality. We must make things while we can, nicht wahr? Yes, yes, we must. Bravo, AM.

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    • Hey, DS
      I’m trying to stretch without snappin’-not there yet-where I want to be-where I want to get these thoughts.
      Inspiring reflections such as yours make me want to keep trying. I so appreciate your encouraging thoughts-they often keep that other am from running away in search of that snow-chilled mountain top no one has yet discovered


      • Oh, believe me … I know all about that “snow-chilled mountain top.” I’ve not only discovered it already, I’ve too often taken up residence there. Don’t go there — it ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.


      • now that I think about it a snow-chilled mountain top would make my merlot unkindly chilled and that would be most foul 😉
        while I was looking up at the pristine peak – I thought I saw a little cabin with dog and cat silhouettes in the windows


  2. I am BACK — tasks complete, fridge and cupboards now have provisions again and, I have consistent internet! What a JOY my friend to open up my reader finally, over my late morning coffee (8:35 is late for me!) and find GG here and these wonderful words! Having directed plays, taken stage classes in college…I especially love so many lines of this piece! The gels……peeking out the curtain 5 minutes before show time to count the numbered rows and be chagrinned with empty seats sprinkled among them…the distressed set when you get up close, the glamor gone when the lights turn off and only that sole stage light is blinking….LOVING this poem! And GG, Ms. Glitterai, fading with age that can’t be covered with that pancake base anymore….so VERY well done my friend! Happy NaPoWriMo which begins today! And….are you playing any tricks on your kids today? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Lillian
      I’m shooting arrows into the thick stacks of paper in my brain. I desperately want to improve and and grow as a writer. I never know what is going to transpire between my head and my fingers until I get to the writing. It’s a bit perplexing to me, all the same, I need to continue on and not overthink because that’s when I get myself into trouble
      thank you ever so much for your kind words here
      I can see you on stage-Miss Lillian!
      hmm, tricks-maybe I’ll forget to pick Max up from school;) and Caroline, well that’s easy, I’ll hide her eyeliner;)

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