like only words can

line after line of cyan rope heaves its burden over the side
to lasso our floundering bodies
and guide us back to shore

delicate symbols the birth children of ups and downs
sleep with us through the night
and convince us the day is not over

fierce inked fingers untwist our knotted spirits
straighten the crooked paths
our meandering feet struggle upon

elegant expressions lick our wounds
despite their own situations

transport then devolve into code

as ethereal elements
they rise above the false light
escaping their one-dimensional fortresses

to comfort our human condition
and ease our lives
in the way that only devoted words can

Paper Shadow

Paper Shadow


16 thoughts on “like only words can

  1. like only you (AM) can, I can see you stretching here, and it’s lovely, and you so easily grasp your subject — no, you so easily exceed your grasp. And what I’m trying to say is this poem is simply devine, Miss. This is so, so freakin’ (it’s Sunday) good-better-best! I could quote lines and turns of phrases I admire, but then I’d be quoting them all. You must tell me about this one, how it came to be, the spark of inspiration, the fire of delight as you wrote and edited. AM, your words are truly devoted — to you and your subjects. Your words, your lines — all golden. You’re created a fine work of art, like only you and superb words can. Write on, sister! 🙂


    • Oh, DS
      if to write was to believe
      I will keep at it
      as long as everyone else does too
      thank you for this most amazing and uplifting comment
      writing wings gotta keep ’em fluttering otherwise they’ll never get you soaring:)


      • Writing + Trust in Thyself => Belief
        You don’t have to worry what others say,
        You just have to show up and do the work.
        Wings won’t work without flapping & fluttering (ask a bird).
        Bottom line: You’d better keep at it — Remember: I know where you live.
        (BTW: I should probably copy the above 4 lines for myself, eh?)

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  2. oh my……….don’t we sometimes feel like we’ve got our paws on the paper, sitting on our words….sweet inked fingers indeed. A bit of introspection here? Always love to read and savor your words and drawings, my friend!


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