is it dark magic

Mixed Subjects: Drawings

is it dark magic that occurs
behind a wet curtain

lost in a blanket of steam
when hard spray cascades down your flesh
is it darker magic still

when your eyes close
and steaming water taps your lids
like cool elfin slaps
slight-of-hand for all the senses
if touch vibrates the clean sudsy silk

no floral bouquet or inattentive perfumes
no phony scents of any kind
pure unadulterated mist

is this a true magical moment
like the morning dreams
pouring over youย 
awash in sweet mercy
when the frothing music in your head
caresses the patterned tiles
and floats away in shimmering bubbles
then when the spell ceases
the hard spray cuts off
the wet curtain draws back
the blanket of steam dissipates
in one breathless moment
it all stops
like a heartbeat

and evaporates out the window
along with your magical fantasies

I write what the people camping in my head tell me to;)


12 thoughts on “is it dark magic

  1. AM, don’t you ever tire of hitting homers? First, this poem makes me want to take a shower — the descriptions are so sensual by which I mean I can feel those soap suds and spray tickling/tingling my skin, the steam opening my morning thoughts (not to mention my sinuses). Secondly, those morning dreams — I get that. Thirdly, “awash in sweet mercy / when the frothing music in your head / caresses the patterned tiles” and “it all stops / like a heartbeat” — geez Louise would I give my eye teeth to have written those words. I wish the little idiots camping out in MY head would take a meeting with yours and get on the same page. You gots it going, lady — keep it up. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • I don’t know DS-I was kind of giggling when I put this together. I actually had to ‘clean’ up my original version-a little too much of a good thing.
      As you know-and here I sound like a broken record-I’m never sure of these pieces-any pieces-but on the upside-I’m quite bullish and don’t like to quit. So I’ll continue to write and I’ll continue hoping I improve and grow as I go.
      Truly, inspired words such as yours, keep my nagging doubts at bay-while rowing the damn dinghy;)
      Thank you, friend
      lost brain cells today


      • Bullish is the way to be, AM. Never quit. Row on, row on. You know what you’re doing, even if you think you don’t. ๐Ÿ˜‰
        Sorry about the brain cells. Will probably make that same claim in a couple of days.

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  2. oh my…..I am breathless and simply taken with this poem. And in fact, I am ready to put my coffee cup down and slowly ready the shower… shower shall never be the same. Absolutely visceral warm magical feelings come spraying from this poem. Beautiful!


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