you want to believe
they are genuine
like the hurt in your lungs
as you read their prose
your face morphs of its own volition
there is no control for misting eyes
or the curving downward of your lower lip
focused as you are on the troubling images–
their stories have conjured in your mind
if their histories have been free from deceit
you are to be dealt a pretentious blow
for your concerns were of self preservation
but far worse than that
you question your own word motivation
behind each roughly crafted illusion




14 thoughts on “conjuring

  1. These waters are deep and swift, AM, and I’m going to dip my toes in and give it a try, see if the water is cold or warm …

    Because it’s writing and it’s all writing. Words are words and they’re just words. Because there may be a deceit of the heart, but the cogitating reader cares about the words and their affects but doesn’t necessarily bother about the truth. That is where we’re “at” today with “reality.” Whose reality? Mine? Yours? Or the one created by words, which can never fully approximate the “real reality.” It’s a slippery slope to be sure but one a writer has to stand upon at some point in the journey and somewhere on the slope. A creator’s motivations are many, always.


  2. First my friend, I love this witch! I love her curves, everywhere in your srokes. Master with the pen, brush, hand, you are. This is a thought provoking piece…the hurt in the lungs, no control for misting eyes, that curving downward of your lower lip…..I can feel and see your words. Emotive……empathic —- excellent!


      • ah AM, you my dear are amazing! I can not, in any way, imagine your writing as not “broad” enough….your words come from within and are magical — and so many times with magical creatures too — or inspiring portraits and figure studies. No doubts allowed — just enjoy!


      • Lillian,
        Trying to ever stretch and improve, I trip into funks occasionally. It’s like accidentally wearing flip flops to run sprints;)
        I do so humbly and appreciatively – read your kind thoughts here.
        I do enjoy also-quite a bit:)
        Have a beautiful weekend

        Liked by 1 person

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