beneath those shoulders

the shoes beneath those shoulders
can’t find a way back
faces perplex
especially your own
failing to recognize
too familiar eyes that have shown you the world
in your small space
and when smiling out there
they hold in other things
you are not who they think you are
but you were yesterday
or so they would have you believe

perhaps tomorrow
you will be someone else
or maybe
the shoes beneath those shoulders
will point homeward on loose gravel

Blue Tale

Blue Tale

this blue guy is a friend to all:)


13 thoughts on “beneath those shoulders

  1. AnnMarie Time! I would like to be the blue guy’s friend. My favorite color is blue. Amazing drawing AnnMarie! AnnMarie is so doggone talented and smart. AnnMarie=Number One! 20000 WOO HOO’S For AnnMarie today for the hard work she put into this drawing and writing for all of us to enjoy today. woo hoo!~


  2. A perplexing poem, AnnMarie, teeming with philosophical angst and heartache. Me thinks the gravitas of that last line — “will point homeward on loose gravel” (such a beautiful line) — is the turning point which depends on that “maybe” two lines before. The “loose gravel” says it all. Beautiful writing; sad subject.


    • HEY, DS
      just returned from my book club and feeling a bit snappy (don’t ask what it means I’m not even sure)
      this post sort of went with the mood of my studio today-I hope I don’t feel tomorrow like I did today-stagnating…
      alas, tomorrow is another today…
      thank you, for hanging with me even when I’m such a drag-


      • Firstly: Tomorrow isn’t “another today” –> It’s a different day, “tomorrow” 🙂
        Secondly: It’s okay to feel snappy; snappy is good (maybe also a good name for a puppy).
        Thirdly: What gives you the idea that you’re “stagnating”?
        Fourthly (is that even a word?): You’re not a “drag,” you’re human. Humans have ups and downs and fortunately (although we never see that it’s fortunate at the time) the downs always make the ups much sweeter. It’s kind of like … wine and cheese, I suppose one could say.
        *”This message brought to you by the Wine Council of America: Allowing artists & writers a chance to kick back and relax.”


      • hey DS
        i can do different;)
        i think one of those hobgoblins-you know the ones that hang over your shoulder when you’re writing-jumped into my head through my ear and is presently working his way out through the other side then all will be ‘write’ again
        -i’d like to join the WCofA just so long as they have chocolate at their monthly gatherings;)
        thank you truly

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  3. LOVE this saucy blue guy! Ah yes…….we have tales to tell. Would that we could all look backwards with a smile on our face and see a blue duck tale waving back! 🙂 I do think you have enough wonderful characters to put them all into some kind of a submission — suggestions to Disney for new characters? LOVE ’em……keep smiling this cold but sunny Sunday morn.


    • I like this little blue lion too. I hope he makes people smile. Wouldn’t you just love a tale you could talk to;)
      Someday, I might do something with the graphics. I’m currently trying to cobble a book of verse and illustration together.
      No snow for us, just chilly here too.
      Happy Sunday, Lillian

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  4. PS: keep those feet directly below your shoulders, AM, with held held high! No slumping shoulders that lead…… are one heck-of-a daughter and daughter-in-law —– and cyberspace friend 🙂


    • I’m just being ‘creatively melancholy’ or better stated ‘a big baby’
      the old valley downward before hiking back to a new peak…
      fine I am – I believe this is my ‘every-so-often contemplating deep thing’
      I do thank you, Lillian for your kind words:)

      Liked by 1 person

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