entering inside the entryway


once you rise
there’s no more playin’
balls to the floor
legs emoting ahead of the brain train
the sun has already yanked itself up
beat as you are, you must do the same
but with a lot less heat
there was heat
not in this room
not this morning
but last night
against the vestibule wall
you know, the entryway
where there was most definite entering
and heat, lots of spectacular heat
didn’t make it to the bedroom
did you
did we
the moon for all its cool talk
was mighty steamy last night
damn that sun
forcing away the silver sultry circle
like you did to them
after the small vestibule got smaller
there wasn’t the space you needed
to sleep
the big bed to yourself
the sheets cold
the way you like them
that’s why they had to go
after one last Godly-deep kiss
so you could close your eyes
then the curtains
and not witness the night’s disappearance
because every time the moon falls down
the dreaming stops
you’re so much better at dreaming life
rather than living it
but the sun doesn’t give a shit about your dreams
and at this moment
its bringing that other kind of heat
the bad sweat
when you play dress up for the day and desire nothing
but to remain wrapped in your cool sheets like cotton skin
on the big bed
reliving every delirious moment
when the cool moon was hot
in that small front room
where they gained entrance
into your armor
and possibly your heart

this is my all time favorite Glenn Miller tune if you’d like to take a listen – I adore it:)

12 thoughts on “entering inside the entryway

  1. Sexy, saucy, snappy, spicy, sassy (did I say “sexy”?) — all of these alliterative ‘sings is this verse, AM. The double entendres are doing triple-time, and Glenn Miller’s “Symphony” is sinfully super. And now I’m shot, that’s all I’ve got. Clever I ain’t, but my words are sincere. 🙂


    • if you was a shootin’ – it was with both barrels;) thank you much, DS
      had some fun with this one
      I wasn’t sure if I was a bit too word-trippy
      modified a few things to hop from line to line a bit better
      have a good eve, dream well:)
      snail mail enroute


      • The poem is purr-fect, Miss. 🙂 And you’re goin’ longer, too! Next stop: epic poetry! LOL
        BTW: I like the Instagram stuff on the side of your blog — looks very nice, professional, cool.
        Hope you’re having a good day 😉


      • Hey, DS
        I think I was a trippin’ when I wrote this last comment – geez
        thank you – I tell ya – you crack me up
        I’m proud of myself for figuring out how to add Instagram – who knew it was as simple as dragging a silly box to the left
        package on the way:)

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well, good for you for figuring out to to “drag and drop” 😉 I like the grey/gray border as well. It seems like your “new look” is bright and silvery-sleek … and it really pops, too. And, may I add, you’re starting to really get the followers (but I know you never look over on that side of the screen, but I’m just tellin’ ya). Pkg your way, too. 🙂


  2. Oh AM — they just don’t do music like this anymore — croon it or write it. I’m swaying to this……..and your words are delicious! Soo many lines I loved — and especially these two: “the moon for all its cool talk was mighty steamy last night.” I’m in the mood……..:)


  3. Beautiful song AnnMarie! I hope you had an awesome weekend! Mine was indeed wondrous I got out on a lot of walks, wrote some blogs and watched pats games. My blood sugar was a little high for a while with meds and a 2nd walk it got it down. I do think my meds need adjusting reverting back to eating to medicate to get to sleep and you can’t do that. Felt great about finishing the book. My favorite part was The AnnMarie Party. Videogames and Buffalo Chicken with blue cheese woo hoo AnnMarie=Number One 25 Woo hoos for AnnMarie tonight!


      • Thanks AnnMarie. Yea after 15 years of learning I have a lot of insight and experience. Yea I did a lot of walking today helped me with my diabetes, maybe I’ll write some AnnMarie stories my favorite to write. Keep creating your masterpieces AnnMarie I look forward to your next blog to read and look at.

        Liked by 1 person

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