the marrow of his bones

so intense was their passion
he swore
the marrow of his bones rocked
in his bed
streaming across those ship grey sheets
the moonlight
and her body luminous
and imperfect

an asymmetrical face marked with smile lines
before her watch caught on his cuff link
much of his outward life had shifted by
in speeding cherry sports cars
with bouncy passengers who wore stilettos
instead of socks
now he had this woman
who saw him with eyes beyond
what he reflected

those fitted Italian suits pressing on his heart
gave way to the gentle hands now removing them
he fell more in love with those hands each day
as they unlocked his chest turn by turn
softly releasing
the fear and trepidation
confidently protected all these years

he’d been hiding
a beautiful man
whose mind penned introspective thoughts
when no one was looking

five cent pump pencil

five cent pump pencil


13 thoughts on “the marrow of his bones

  1. Beautiful drawing AnnMarie you got some skills. I am selling 14 dvds on ebay. One sold already today. Using it to help to go to more Celtics playoff games. Woo hoo! Go Celtics! AnnMarie=Number One! 3000 Woo hoo’s for AnnMarie today for her lovely drawing and excellent writing! Woo hoo!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This poem is delightful (I’m running out of adjectives), AM. 🙂 Love the word play, the perfect details (“ship grey sheets,” “asymmetrical face,” “speeding cherry sports cars,” etc.). And I’m liken’ the addition of the last 4 lines which adds a whole new level of characterization to the fellow and lends him more sympathy). You’re rockin’n’rollin’ tonight, AM. P.S.: I think you should do more noirish “shadows and fog” line drawings like this one — exquisite! DS


  3. You’ve unlocked this man, AM. Past weaknesses, his style, his emotions and in the final stanza, his sensitivity.
    And the drawing — gorgeous! The shading, the bridge of the nose, the lips — quite amazing! The stuff of a movie character for sure!

    Liked by 1 person

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