he was my messy room


he’d been the messy room
in my well-ordered house
distractions across the floor
crossing the doorway into other areas
thoughts strewn in a heap
his biggest disasters saved for the closet
windows always streaked
left open on the coldest days
I resented the mess
in my appointed home
didn’t he ever care about my needs
or my organized insanity

the mess is gone now
everything cleared away
or hauled off in untidy grocery cartons
my house is perfectly arranged once more
but I’d give anything
to have every kernel of that crap covering the carpet again
I realized too late
his mess was simply a byproduct
of his passion
and damn he was passionate
I wish I knew where his clutter was now
though my home has returned to absolute order
I am a jumbled mess without him



21 thoughts on “he was my messy room

  1. Yea AnnMarie my ticket cost a hundred dollars. That’s a hell of a lot of money but my sister makes a lot of money at her job and is great at saving money. Under the weather tonight AnnMarie. I got stomach pains. I think I got a nasty stomach bug. AnnMarie= Number One! woo hoo


  2. AM, this post is perfect in every way — in style, in detail, in truth. Isn’t that how it goes: Having gotten rid of what we thought we didn’t want, we soon realize it’s what we’d wanted all along? Human nature, I guess. Love the artwork, too. Sorry I’m late to the table here. My head full of clouds or cotton, or maybe both. I feel as though I could sleep from now until Monday.

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  3. Oh the truth in this piece — for so many of us with so many folks or kids or pets. Arghhh that dog hair! And then when that wonderful animal is gone….we vacuum the rug and it looks bald, missing something, missing that wagging tail and boundless joy.
    Argghhh that telephone continually ringing (in the days of landline wall phones) — and then suddenly it’s not. Kids gone. Quiet never sounded so loud.
    You’ve captured all of that here 🙂 Great writing, my friend!

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  4. “His mess was a byproduct of his passion…” Man! That would look so good on my headstone!! Humblebrag for a slob!! I should place the order now, while I’m thinking of it, but it seems so morbid. After all, I have so much to live for– these wonderfully chaotic, carefully crafted poems, for example… : )

    The old it’s-all-tied-together, tidy-up-at-your-peril theme. Always a winner, and wonderfully told here. Loved “my organized insanity.” You’re always scattering these little gems. I always bring a paper bag with me so I can gather them up… : )

    I don’t remember sitting for that portrait, but there’s no mistaking that pensive gaze, that grizzled– I mean, chiseled– jaw, those rippling sinews. I can see I should have asked Santa for a Thighmaster, however… : )

    Wonderful, O Gifted One– truly.

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    • I see your name, dearest Mark – and I realize I’m already smiling before reading which means you’re adding to my ever increasing smile lines;)
      my paper bag story – a little kid, the top of a tall hill, a paper grocery bag filled with Halloween candy and yes, the break – bottom of the bag falls out, little kid goes running after escaping candy like her life depended on it (I think it did back then)
      thank you, Mark – your comments are as uplifting as your funny bone which in your case – has gotta be in the thigh – ’cause it’s ginormous:)
      apologies – due to subbing middle school the past 2 weeks, I’ve fallen sadly behind my post reading – catchin’ up am I, so watch out:)

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      • What are the two things every middle school muddler should be exposed to? Creative thought and creative expression is whatski. I dinna know you were a sub lurking in scholastic waters, and I have to believe it’s a very good thing. Ready torpedoes! Carry on, Commander!! : )

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      • long ago I was the art director for Prentice Hall Educational Book Publishers – it is quite ironic and yet great fun – when snarky kiddies ask me, “What do you know about science?”
        and then I get to do one of my most favorite things in all the world – I get to tell them, “open your school textbook – flip to page 5 – you see that name AnnMarie Roselli – well, that’s me and I made your book – so I know a little something about everything”

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