glass teeth

island pirate mask warmwords meticulously cultivated
thoughts dribble sideways in
blood ink
coagulate on pulp
thin dressing on a deep wound
no thoughtful phrases beat
sorrow back
no meditation releases
terminal exasperation
of the flesh
of the mind
of the spirit

it is to be a journey then
off to the forest
where nothing will bother you
unaffected by mortal issues
trees are preoccupied with synthesizing
morning ’til evening
the moss will suck up your footprints
but when the leaves crash down
you must run to the ocean
or be exposed
water head-rushing into itself
perpetual frothing
sunrise to sunset
billions of glass teeth
willing to open up
and swallow you whole
and if they do
you’ll never make it
to the mountains
the desert beyond


8 thoughts on “glass teeth

  1. Beautiful words and drawing AnnMarie. I got to get on the phone tom go with a med increase but there is a problem my dr had an emergency he has to be gone from the office from today to May 25th I got to rely on the backup dr which sometimes aren’t reliable or help things be an easy process. Very stressed about this. AnnMarie= Number One! Woo hoo!


  2. I remember this guy — such an amazing drawing. And these new words — how do you do it? Your words are always so visceral — I feel these glass teeth chewing me up! Ah let us make it to the refreshing mountains today — and interesting to write the desert beyond as a goal here in that final line. For the solitude? Your words always make me think, AM. Happy Tuesday, my friend!


    • you know, Lillian –
      I often tell a dear blog friend of mine whenever she asks this same question – “I honestly don’t know what comes from where. I only know I roll with whatever enters my head at the moment.” My husband sometimes asks (half jokingly, I think;)), if he should be worried;)
      thank you for your most kind words, humbly I appreciate


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