harnessing passions

I’ve been storing my passions like solar panels
harnessing energy, converting urges

I’m ready for you
don’t know
if you’re ready
for the ‘lights’ of me
I was many years in the shadows
until the spectrum generated by your proximity
burned away the blackness

I’m not quite myself
turning on and off as flippant as a switch

you are the only one
I can drink alone to in a darkened room
for now

bittersweet cocktails are a conduit
to your skin cells
unload my impulses in liquified amber
swallowing the static burn

I can’t keep losing power like this
in fact, I’m quite sure
if I don’t take you by storm and soon
there’s not much time remaining
before my charged bolt fades
and I am forced to fumble back into
some dead fold

Warrior Lashes

Warrior Lashes


13 thoughts on “harnessing passions

  1. AnnMarie you are one amazing talent and one amazing woman! That is a very skilled beautiful drawing you got there. I have good news my dr is back on monday April 25th instead of May 25th. I can hold out until then to up my geodon. AnnMarie=Number One! 30000 Woo Hoos for AnnMarie this evening!


  2. Okay — going to do two replies here because I am mesmorized by this drawing and can’t even get to the words yet! She is incredible! Warrior indeed — the sharp lines combined with the curved lines — the bridge of the nose and the cheekbones. I can’t stop staring at her. HOW do you do this???? Okay — now I’m going back to your words.


  3. Okay — the words. I just let out an audible sigh when I got to the end. Oh my goodness – you have outdone yourself with this post. The use of the word “but” alone, in that line….says it all…adds to her dilemma. And the idea of her losing her force and “fumbling back into some dead fold”….I want to read more! Give us more!!! This is the stuff of a novel my friend. Okay — I’m ending my reading in the Reader because this one calls for my second cup and time away so I can put my head into other pieces.

    Liked by 1 person

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