that skin of hers

to get beneath that skin of hers
and force it perfect
I need her to understand
she is beautiful
I need her to see her entirety
to stop doing
what young girls do
not love themselves completely
permit shiny surfaces
and slick ink
to render their forms inferior

these cultures of ours
composed of humanity
but populated by shallow eyes
and deep pockets
should not so easily crawl
into young ears like robotic insects
and sting frail esteem
these young girls are all breathtaking
if we give them some space

they could stop hiding below hard water
and come up for air

if they gaze beyond
how blue the sky can be

Caroline Hands Crossed

Caroline Hands Crossed


23 thoughts on “that skin of hers

  1. Loved it, AnnMarie. Totally agree with the words that when young girls can’t love themselves completely due to the “shallow eyes” of cultural propaganda of what is beautiful, there is need to change.


  2. Caroline is a beautiful young woman, AM. Some days I think our society has come a long way in terms of sexism … other days (too many) I think we’r’e just as backwards as ever with no hope of ever changing. Here lately the latter is being confirmed. On that high note πŸ™‚ … Please wish Caroline a Happy Birthday from Bob and I (and good luck with the party). DS

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    • morning DS
      this was inspired by her urge to find the ‘perfect’ makeup to make her lovely skin appear flawless – despite the fact that her old mom tells her (on a loop of regularity) how beautiful she is – inside and out – and I also remind her that ‘flawless’ does not exist even if that is what they named the makeup:)
      I hold out hope for humanity – I do – we will all have this epiphany – it’s a lovely dream that I don’t want to lose
      thanks on b’day wishes, I’ll pass on – party should be fun – all her friends are very sweet – scooting out soon to finish preparing:)


  3. Somehow I find it totally appropriate and beautiful that your daughter was born on earth day! πŸ™‚ And she is truly beautiful — how fortunate she is to have a mother with your drawing skill. There is emotion in the hand drawing on paper that is missing in a photograph.
    This piece is wonderful, AnnMarie. Photoshop is evil in terms of the expectations it sets up for our youth — be they male or female. And, if truth be told, for those of us at our ages too. If I just use that product, I can look like that — when that person doesn’t really look like that! You are right on with this piece. And thank you for creating it and posting it!

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