puppet masters

pear fingersit was a view with a room
a little bed for big people
we went in through an out door
our naked clothing
did nothing to conceal the thread of lies
weaving our blackout curtains
we weren’t supposed to be on stage
a fortune cookie approved this union
it was all the validation two horny people needed
it began that way
for us
(lust) no intent of love
it was Paris
(not really)
we didn’t make it there
barely afforded the motel rooms
with bad prints of old fruit
acting French
or at least kissing that way
the only way lovers should kiss
is what got us into trouble
our wet mouths
proffered up Paris
(and trouble)
the kissing was sublime
better than eating Chinese noodles off each other
fell into the rice vat, lid shut
a bottomless pressure cooker
we required many strings
enough to fabricate thick blackout curtains
more to manipulate the fingered dowels
forcing our daytime mouths into slick sentences
we desperately needed to create a successful act
on this plastic puppeteer stage of ours


7 thoughts on “puppet masters

  1. Beautiful writing AnnMarie! I just got home from The Celtics game and it ended up being one of the greatest Celtics games in the history. The Hawks held a 13 pt lead in the 3rd quarter than a bunch of different Celtics players made key plays to take the lead. With 20 seconds left The Hawks Jeff Teague hit a backbreaking 3 to give Hawks 2 point lead. Celtics Thomas scores 2 points in 5 seconds to tie and force overtime. In overtime The Celtics won with Thomas corner 3 sealing the deal. I finally found my friend Ben Grossman after the game he was so happy and excited. My sister met him. Grossman was real pumped. Nothing like Boston fans they chanted Let’s Go Celtics on their way out of the building, yelled it on the streets and yelled it on the train. I lost my voice from screaming and standing up watching every play game went over 3 hrs. Best Birthday Gift Ever! AnnMarie= Number One! Woooo Hooo!!


      • Thanks AnnMarie it was special Grossman and I will be talking about this game long into our 80s. It will go down as a classic in NBA History and Marcus Smart proving to be a Franchise Player he played big in the playoffs at a crucial game where they needed him that is Larry Bird stuff. Your welcome AnnMarie. Greatest Artist Ever. Greatest AnnMarie Ever! wooo hoo Love The AnnMarie!

        Liked by 1 person

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