she is also a monster

who is the smiling face there
not hers
she sees the lights
skimming an ever-changing landscape
mutations to earthbound patterns
the mind on the mountain
the brain in the badlands
the soul on the summit
the heart in the hollow

no one knows
of the endless slow burn beneath the ground
she does
those monsters have whispered things to her
the crazy lady with the lopsided eyes
and those hair-brained beasts
are bound together
ocean to sand
mountain to cloud
jungle to vine
for when she loves
on this earth

she loves fiercely
and in this category
she is also a monster

homage to Moreau

 I’d like to thank each and every one of you for reading, commenting, viewing or just stopping by. I appreciate the kindness more then I can lamely express here. I’m sorry if I sometimes seem to read a bit darkly, making you somber is never my intent. The truth is I never know what is going to transmit until I begin writing. I’m sometimes surprised what translates between head and fingers. I’ve been called crazy from time to time and I don’t mind, because I believe this evaluation to be partially true;)


14 thoughts on “she is also a monster

  1. AnnMarie you aren’t crazy you are just an artist and one of the sanest people I know. Don’t listen to the negative people listen to the positive ones and take in what they say. AnnMarie is the greatest artist and the prettiest woman ever for that matter. AnnMarie= Number One! Woo hoo!!!!!


  2. She loves fiercely —- and in this category, she is also a monster. wow! That is one tough woman er monster! 🙂 So much energy in this one.
    Not to worry — going to the dark side is necessary to come back to the light 🙂

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  3. I’ve been studying that marvelous drawing, and I think I know why the lady’s a bit ornery: it’s that necklace she’s wearing– it’s too tight! Especially compared to her armbands which seem to be held on by centrifugal force, if I’m remembering my old science textbook correctly… : )

    My two favorite lines are: “Not hers” and “She does.”

    Who is the smiling face there… not hers!
    No one knows of the endless slow burn beneath the ground… she does!

    Of course I’ve taken some liberties with the punctuation, but that’s how I heard them in my mind. Dark, savage, terrifying!!– but… pleasing somehow… they have a nice ring, just like my bathtub… : )

    The Beast Within. Yes, there’s always a catch where fierce love is concerned– but gosh! what a way to go! An exciting read, my dear AM– I had to loosen my collar halfway thru that last paragraph… : )

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    • Hello, my funny friend
      I think you’re absolutely correct-’tis not the thorn in her paw – but the excessively tight collar causing her outburst:)
      I may revisit this little lady at some point – she needs backup singers – and oh, they’d be so much fun to create!
      So glad this was a collar-loosening read, dearest Mark;)
      and as always, I humbly thank you for your generous words here

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