all that time
she’d been adrift
wings on spinning thermals
never searching
but secretly looking
for validation

never wanting to find
a man
who would see her
as the someone she feared most
a nearly complete person
with no understanding of themselves
and compassion for too many

  when her over involvements
left him out
he watched from afar

this woman
was someone to be near
even when she was not present

to this day
whenever she returns
to those
reflecting pools
in his warm eyes
she sees and believes
she deserves

most especially

Autumn Leaves

 “I do” put Keith on the fast track to Crazy Town
with a show tune singing maniac;)
(for my husband)


12 thoughts on “his

  1. Beautiful writing AnnMarie and a wonderful drawing. AnnMarie is the greatest artist ever. Woo hoo! AnnMarie=Number One! I am celebrating my birthday a little early with a chocolate yummy birthday cake and watching horror movies. I watched ‘phobia’ that was a messed up movie. The greatest birthday present is having AnnMarie as my friend! woo hoo!


  2. AM, ah, this is a beautiful poem, a touching tribute to Keith as well as to your marriage. The third-person voice is a perfect touch, and those last two lines, isolated as they are, seal the deal. You know, a framed copy of this would make an excellent gift for your next anniversary; just sayin’. 🙂 You already know I adore the art; Galena (sp.?) is a winsome yet wistful young girl, one who is very relatable. Happy Thursday, AM. 🙂


    • thanks, DS
      you know if either one of us ever remembers our anniversary, I might just do that (thanks for the idea) it’s sort of our running joke – I think we’ve remembered our anniversary twice in all the years – Keith doesn’t read much of my writing unless I read it to him – my words make him nervous;)
      happy thursday back
      have a wondrous writing day (but no additional thinking;))


      • I know, meant as a joke. 🙂 We had our wedding date inscribed on the inside of our rings — guess what happens over time? The dates get rubbed away (actually, just as I type those words I’m “thinkin'” “What a great metaphor!!!” LOL). Can’t imagine why your words would make Keith nervous, ha!

        No thinkin’ in this I-state, just a lot of movin’ and runnin’ around (and in place). EML


  3. Catching up on my reading. Beautiful beautiful poem. A wonderful tribute to your husband and your marriage. I helps to marry your best friend, right? LOVE the words here — especially the last two stanzas.


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