ann tagonist

tangerine dream was the boutique price she paid
for the fancy silk lace so perfectly
hanging on her collar bone like a sweet ray of sunset

the fine gentleman
who had been admiring her
thin creamsicle strap and well-turned out earlobes
from which great sapphires sparkled
and cast
the faintest dulcet blue threads upon her raven hair
he was nearing her scent zone
batting his fine suit as he closed in

attempting to remove suburban wife stench
before entering this perfect circle
ann tagonist was city
nothing slow moving on those frenetic avenues
he was certain her mane of dark would accent his summer linen
her sapphires would
contrast nicely against his sinewy muscles
he was fantasizing in tangerine shades
while hidden in his secret pockets
dirty diapers, kid spittle, exhausted moments

child number three busted the duet
he was not a good tripler
two had already been too many
he madly wanted out
out of

the suburban box
he sought sweet fragrant urban freedom
without another delay
into that city circle he hustled

not freedom
but frenzy
and what man didn’t want that
ann tagonist
well, she was always ready to play a juicy role
and for his good looks
she would decidedly sparkle

leonada's earring


27 thoughts on “ann tagonist

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie! I had a great birthday. Was feeling down today but I just exploded writing this new book ‘Fear In The Night’ its real good its got two friends from my Bipolar support group in it Katie and Kathleen. Katie loves being in my books so I wrote her a main epic part and I really like Kathleen so I made her my love interest in the story. It’s a lot of fun. Woo hoo AnnMarie=Number One! 32 Woo hoo’s for AnnMarie one for each year of my life! wooo hoo!

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  2. Tangerine, creamsicle, sapphires, dulcet (had to look up), sinewy, spittle, busted, tripler, hustled, frenzy, juicy, sparkle — some of my favorite words, and who would ever imagine they’d all make an appearance in one terrific piece of writing! My God, if God is in the details (so I was taught, although I know others, such as my husband, claim it’s that old Devil himself who’s in them) then this narrative jewel has been baptized and blessed thrice over (I know you like that word, “thrice” being the third child no doubt ;)). This is excellent writing, AM. A visual dream, word-painting at its finest — and I like the play on your name, too. 🙂

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    • DS you flatter me beyond repair sometimes –
      thank you so very much
      this all started with the word tangerine
      Max was saying we needed more tangerines – my family is addicted to those mini Halos – and I thought – now that’s a word I can get behind – I imagined a sexy woman wearing soft tangerine silk and a hungry man waiting in the wings and…
      truly appreciate your amazing thoughts here
      happy monday
      hope it’s to be a creative one


      • It’s a travel morning, AM. Listening to screaming Mimis in the back seat as we come to Grand Rapids. ☺️ Flattery beyond repair — now that sounds thoroughly glorious, and of course it’s meant that way and much deserved. We eat a lot of those Halos too (although the ones we’ve bought lately ain’t been so good) — I am waiting for a word, like “tangerine,” to inspire me soon. OMG! Silence! How long shall this last? (Probably not long. 😉) Have a great day of creativity, AM. Meowing again — told ya so. 😺

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      • you know I owned one cat in my life – being a dog person – her name was Mimi – she had stubbly legs and often behaved like a dog – except when she felt like behaving ‘cattish’ 😉
        hope your entire ride isn’t to LOUD;)

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  3. Wow…Wow….Wow…this is BRILLIANT! From every possible angle too! Sexy, sultry, mysterious, devious…it’s all in here and supported with just the right drawing too! You are a wonderful people-observer!!! What a very clever lady A M! I think I have said that before and I’ll say it again…SO much talent here. Thank you for making me chuckle, I really enjoyed reading this one. Do hope all is well with you and yours in your busy work load! Take care, :)❤

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      • It is thanks, just been very busy and a bit out of the Blogosphere loop the last few days. Going to get busy with gardening shortly…and have had a lot of organ playing going on. Glad all fine with you too. I am sure we will bump into one another, on and off, time permitting! 🙂

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      • it is that time to garden, my husband is into the insane nursery time where all the poor guy does is work, but the upside is it lasts about 6 focused weeks then things level off:)
        wonderful you’re playing lots of gorgeous organ melodies
        when I had to sell my piano to make room for my mother-in-law I felt I’d never have another nice piano, but I tell you for now I purchased a pre-owned Casio Privia – it has weighted keys that feel genuine while playing and the sound is lovely – the best part is it doesn’t take up too much room in my studio:)
        glad to read all is well and yes, we’ll be bumping into one another:)

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      • …we can SO sympathize with your husband. It IS an insane time and it does ease off. We tend to do garden maintenance mainly and buy our plants in wholesale for the gardens that we stock. Your Casio sounds just perfect A M. and nowhere near as bulky! I have a portable Yamaha keyboard that I use for outside weddings…full size with weighted keys and the Voices that matter. Enjoy, my friend and will bump into you again soon…! 🙂

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