a poem to you that will never be read

I imagine our thighs mingling on a park bench
while mottled pigeons entertain us
their plastic beaks bounce against the ground
stabbing about for sustenance

this provides a momentary distraction
for the queries I’ve collected in my pocket
written over time
now melded with
distressed paper, near cloth
many thick lettered questions have I
with ellipses after each

on the other side of my velvet scrap
a longing poem
which will never be read
at least, by you

it goes something like this

if I burnish my metallic heart
until all imperfections are gone
there would be very little left
and what does remain
would be the beginnings of a mistake

the end

still there we sit, outer thighs humming together through our bluejeans…

Seated blue nude/charcoal

Seated blue nude/charcoal


34 thoughts on “a poem to you that will never be read

  1. Beautiful work and drawing AnnMarie! I wrote Johnny Depp’s daughter Lily Rose Depp a story I tweeted her and let her know where to find it on here. You should check it out you are mentioned in it. Do you think she will read it? Maybe one day and her fans will prob read it. AnnMarie=Number One! Woo hoo!


  2. Okay, I love this.
    I can’t wait for you to start reading Olds.
    Those “plastic beaks” bouncing against the ground–I can frickin’ HEAR that, it’s palpable, tangible.
    Ellipses–you know how I feel about those (at least in poems).
    Longing poems–all poems are to some extent (or in every regard), which is what I love about poetry (more so than prose, sometimes).
    The framing device on this–lovely.
    There’s so much to say about this meta-poem, AM. But sometime we must talk about the poem-within-a-poem, how/why it succeeds (and this is something Olds can teach you).
    Okay, ’nuff said. Red wine, fingers on the vine, talkin’ about AM’s poetry, which is devine.
    P.S.: Art pretty wonderful, too. 🙂

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    • you know DS, I had another adjective then switched to plastic at the last moment thinking it needed more hardcore bounce – thanks for noticing that:)
      I’ve been battling my ellipse disease – occasionally one escapes the nuthouse;) hmm,,,,,what’s that more commas you say;)
      ooo – is that what this is a meta-poem, like the feel of that:)
      I’ll be reading this weekend – another wrestling match in PA late afternoon – it will be a late night
      thank you for your kindnesses, DS
      happy writingday

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  3. thick lettered questions with ellipses… the wondering … as we sit … who are you… and who am I … and if I make myself vulnerable and show you this scrap of my heart scribbled on the page … what will you think …
    This is wondrous! The ellipse line adds the wondering…
    and of course the drawing is divine!
    Have you tried the Chemed coffee yet? Tis truly delicious! and you savor the aroma and the grinds, wet in the filter, as you swirl the water in counter clockwise. 🙂

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  4. Talk about a compelling image…(yes, following ellipses…) “Outer thighs humming together through our bluejeans.” The ultimate yearning. I love your words! – Fawn


    • your ears must have been ringing, Fawn –
      I was wondering about you, but not worrying – I figured a gal like you with such an unquenchable zest for life (and scrapbooking) was quite, or rather is quite, busy living it!
      thank you for your kind words here
      I hope your lovely family is happy and healthy:)


  5. Love this! I was sitting on the bench opposite, watching the scene unfold.
    Well done that lady.
    Great new pic too. Very mysterious.
    All the best to you.

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