not de pluming

how many identities should a person have
is more than one
too many
007 would have you believe
a limitless supply of non de plumes
in covert affairs is quite necessary, maybe so
I am one name
it’s risky
just the one
I’m not de pluming
this is sometimes difficult
especially when I adore creating names

I could be: Silika dePa of das Paper Couture or Nerfto the Penwart Ambler
Jeena J Mix; Poetess passe Prime or Bentles Triesse I, II & III performance artist
I am one name
it’s risky
just the one

you see, I want to be where you can find me
if it’s assistance you require
perhaps just a listener

for those who I would call friends
they need only remember a singular birth label
one name
to either


gosh, you know writing this shit can sometimes get damn depressing;)
her name is social media
treat her as you would a dim-sighted wolverine
adore her, love her, pet her silky fur, get close when you’re feeling brave
but always be ready for that bite in the ass;)




18 thoughts on “not de pluming

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie love your drawing. Writing an indy wrestler from twitter a story. I think she and her fans will like it. My blood sugar has been up. Booooo. AnnMarie=Number One! 120 Woo hoo’s today because AnnMarie is so special!


  2. Oh AM, another brilliant-creative poem, another word-worthy work of art–of course, of course. But what I mean to comment on here is social media. As you and I both know I’ve had “concerns” about blogging and bloggers, but I guess I don’t get as concerned about other SM platforms. Yes, Tweetyville pisses me off occasionally when people drop me like I’ve got the plague, but usually they come back (slowly, slowly). And I don’t Instaham and I’m sporadic at best re: FB. I think you bring up an interesting point about identities, though. To have one, or not to have one … that is the question, perhaps. However, I agree with you that straight-upness is probably the best approach. I think this whole SM “thing” is perplexing at best; it’s still such a “young” phenomenon (if I can call it that) and we haven’t really yet figured out what it all means, does, harms, etc. Some days I can feel as though SM is nothing more than smoke and mirrors, that nothing ib SM is tangible, truthful, solid. Other days, however, I think of all the nice people I’ve met online and all of the wonderful work I’ve read there and that tends to negate all of my negative feelings from the day before. Sorry this is so long–I guess you’ve touched a nerve. 😉

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    • well I guess at the end of the day, DS, like walking into a singles bar;) there are the good, the bad and the ugly (I’m speaking of the insides) anywhere you go. In my day, I walked into an awful lot of bars (early 20’s of course) SM is the contemporary communication and customary conversation for now. Beyond this we’ll eventually be holograms ala Star Wars. I think projected images would actually squash many erstwhile romances – a lot less hiding there…maybe we need to stick around for those;)
      on a more serious note – personally – I much prefer meeting folks online who come with ‘real’ names and ‘authentic’ faces – there is a comfort there versus folks who opt for autonomy – for whatever the reasons…translated into meeting a real live body – you’d exchange names, a handshake, even a smile (but only if they bought me coffee first;))
      happy thursday
      thank you for your kind words here and for your invaluable insight and candor:)

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      • You are welcome, AM. I am about to test out the bar — heading out for Cinco Whatever (margarita’s to me). 🙂 I know you like real names & authentic faces (just remember those, too, can be faked), and you’re sort of shaming me into using my own name 😉 which I should probably do. Okay, hells bells, you talked me into it!

        From now on it’s Debwarnanna S. Levinskistrauss. Or D.S. to you! 🙂


      • yes, I do know ‘fakery’ where donuts say they’re jelly but they’re really empty inside –
        remember now, I grew up with an FBI agent father:) guilty ’til proven less guilty;)
        a rose by any other…(ellipses for you;))


      • WTF? No jelly in the donut??? Now that’s down right deceitful in my humble opinion. You know I’m teasing you, right young lady? 😉🌯🌮

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  3. Hmmmm I swear I wrote a response to this before? My mom de plume obliterated in the cyber world? What’s in a name? A rose by any name is still and AnnMarie no matter if there’s a space or not between those letters there’s always a space within the hearts of many for your wonderful work. Social media – a time synch if we allow it to be — a way to stay in touch with family and simply to scroll through the riff raff. This Friday my friend — and mothers’ day shall soon be here. Am certain those not so little ones will celebrate your day!

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    • lol Lillian,
      cyber spirits sometimes abscond with our words:)
      Trying to build up a social media presence prior to self-publishing, I’ve been spending much too much time twittering, Instahamming, fb’ing, WP’ing even – I’m slowly but surely finding my balance. For a long bit of time, I was spiraling out of tech control. Swinging my social media to evenings and using mornings for writing and art is working out wonderfully. My art has been suffering of late, so very focused on the words – so I need to work it in a bit better too. All positive things:)
      And I’d like to send a Happy Early Mother’s Day to a woman I’m quite certain is a fabulous mother and splendid grandmother to boot.
      Happiness and Joy, to you my Bostonian friend.

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