momentarily satiated


god perfection numbs hardened loins
unfulfilled lapses

floating entrapment these cosmic wombs
soul-dead reflections
heaven merges horizon
clouded desire in flawless pain
for these mortals
below the sky
ladders to lust

these grinding mortals
worked over by earth
lichens spill velvet secrets
wrinkled virgin flesh pours
whispering births
upon earth’s mammalian warmth
bowed lips wail for nectar
gilt-edged offerings
carelessly pass sublime mouths
another naked newborn
gossamer Olympus
momentarily satiated


8 thoughts on “momentarily satiated

    • lol John,
      you know it was even a bit too deep for me as well and I wrote the damn thing;)
      I’m entering I guess what could only be called an experimental writing phase so watch out, we might both be getting a few headaches;)
      ps I hope you’re doing okay


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