the oily well

one of those old feathered quills
dripping in my head
ink dunking into a black oily well
viscous stuff not surface shiny
afraid to tip my toe and get it chewed off
a split brass nib

spears the wilding fish unable to escape
though the winged frogs often do

my heart, another matter
inside that pump house
nothing with hooks to grab onto

worn stuffed animals with missing parts
and mismatched broken

southpaw warrior

southpaw warrior


6 thoughts on “the oily well

  1. Awesome drawing AnnMarie! What a gifted woman you are! I wrote a new story for that wrestler Paige and tweeted to her where to find it. Some people from twitter have viewed it. I reconnected with an old friend who is also Bipolar. Poor guy lost his marriage over it having 25 hospitalizations over the last few years. He can’t work. We are going hang out sometime. I made a new friend to get out more with AnnMarie lets get a few woo hoo’s that would be excellent for my mental health. How was your day AnnMarie? AnnMarie=Number One! Woo hoo!

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  2. Fascinating poem, AM. Lots of thoughts about meaning, some perhaps way off the rails, but … It seems as though you’re circling around the mind, memory, creating, the creative process, and that most important “thing”–the heart (within the pump house, love that), which can’t seem to be lassoed … and it’s this latter aspect that is really interesting to me in terms of where one finds her material or subject matter. Anyhoo, I’m rambling but I can be more articulate if pressed. 😉 [New art? Very nice.]

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