king of clubs

Lillian's Imagethe king of clubs traveled in her pocket
she hoped the balls it took to abscond with the tiny crown
would yield high dividends
not as high as the pile of writing rejections towering over her coffee table
the king pressed through her thin peach poly-blend
sticking sweetly to her sweating breast pocket
here she was
the tumbled stone path was shorter than it had appeared from the road
dammit, was deception rampant everywhere in the universe?
she pulled the concealed player from her damp pocket
her nervous stare set on his small dead eyes
there was something beguiling about his oddly curled facial hair
she wondered if there was a square jaw set beneath that ludicrous beard
or a weak mouth covered
in his tiny hands too small for his faces
a sword pointed north, another south
the king’s weapons
blunter than the words she used to describe her last lover
he’d been more entertainment than playing cards
sex-wise but ever so brain-dull
when the bedroom lights lit
premature words often shot from his soft lips
these green thoughts always hung limp
incapable of penetrating her moist ears
she easily thought over the young lover
to this gentleman with the furrowed brow
the deep thinker
attractive, alluring, dark for all the right reasons
her kind of–
her wedged heels scuffed the blue stones beneath
at this door (his)
she extracted her pocket king and kissed the plastic face for luck
it had been too long
maybe never
tasting the layered thoughts of a philosopher
she closed in on the door frame, gouged wood like a mighty vessel from early explorers’ days
men were men
beards were beards
intellects were grand things
feline knocker
she waited for the voice, the ghost, the spirit to emanate from its toothy bronzed maw
reprimanding her to be kinder, more charitable
it was daylight
no spirits (only daylight demons)
she kissed the king once more then slipped his thinness away
realizing now
the wrought iron hinges resembled clubs
alas her king
an omen, a warning, a sign
this elegant man behind history’s door could be…
(insert your modifier here)
his resume would not need
embellishments tucked behind fancy type
in afternoon’s reality
his waxen words still softened the sun’s hard light
his musings floated like the fine Spanish olives in the past evening’s martini
her mouth pulled to that drink in away that made her hips silently tremble
she didn’t understand
he’d given this address with a gallant smile
scrolled on a linen napkin handed over in a manly palm
a mansion purchased in the throws of remodeling
a salvage of elegance
a romantic savior
in the light no where to hide
(no hiding)
only for her pocket king
what if this man kissed as hot involved as his words
what if this man loved as passionately as his endless eyes

there would be no knowing
if she didn’t get passed
the door
if only that damn lion would give up his master’s secrets
kiss the king
Lillian's Image

this post was inspired by an exceptionally talented writer and blog friend of mine, Lillian Hallberg
this amazing photo is one of Lillian’s – please take the time to visit her blog: Lillian the Home Poet and read her most elegant words
this is another link to Lillian’s guest post on dVerse – here Lillian provided writers with a prompt


14 thoughts on “king of clubs

  1. And I’m anointing you, Miss AMRK, the Queen of Subtleties! Yowza, yowza — “premature – shot,” “hung limp,” “penetrating,” “moist” — ya gots the heat turned up in just a few lines, lady! 😉 You know (you know) I’m beginning to see a distinct style evolving here — the narrative, prosey po- … I mean “verse” (I now know how you feel about “poem” and “poetry” :)) — the narrative, prosey verse of AM, and it’s wonderful. I read this out loud several times and each time it was more fun, thrilling to read than the previous time. It’s like singing without singing; the words are lyrical and light and bouncy and the line breaks accent the mood and voice, and, and, and … It’s joyfully sexy and playfully sexy, and just “darn good fun” (that’s a Midwestern colloquialism, btw). I’d say you not only rose to the creative occasion using Lillian’s excellent photo — you outdone-did yourself, chickie. Bravo!

    Liked by 1 person

    • lol
      one thing I’ve never been called is subtle – but I love the title and I’ll wear it with quiet honor:)
      tee hee – I didn’t know if those young lover lines would catch – they were oh, so fun to write
      you know, DS – I’ve decided I will stop writing when it ceases to be fun – I so often have a most excellent time creating characters who are characters then placing them in situations where only the devil of my alter ego would travel;)
      you know just about every time I write something, I’m never quite sure if the piece works or not – I write and at some point I think I like the words and then another day – I say (and not subtly;)) “what the hell! this sucks!”
      so far, I still like this piece and it’s already the next day:)
      have a terrific weekend
      thank you for your splendid comment here
      I’m glad Lillian offered a genuine door – I usually only think in terms of warm-blooded portals;)


  2. Wow! This is FANTASTIC! A combination of sensual love, fantasy and your imagination resplendant! I love it! I started reading faster and faster to see what happens….and then went back for a second read to savor. Wonderfully done! Smiling I am…..and thinking I should go back to this door and explore a bit more 🙂 SO VERY GLAD YOU DID THIS — thank you thank you! 🙂 What a team we are —- now to insure we get together sometime in the fall….I’ll get off that train at UNH and you’ll be there with coffee thermos in hand 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good Morning, Miss Lillian-
      so glad you like this:)
      the monsters and I wanted to grab hold of your most awesome door and do something quite Anne Rice – but then – the critters suggested a human romance (we folks can be beastly in our own right;))
      this was great fun to write and I must thank you for making me step through the rooms I usually linger in –
      I was chatting with DS yesterday telling her about your door prompt – and how I got the idea – when I first looked at all your fabulous images – well, it had to be this one – couldn’t pass up an intimidating dark door – but then I was stumped for a bit – I didn’t want to disappoint, so that held me back – until I opened my kitchen drawer 2 days later where a little king’s face stared up at me – and the words went-a-clickin’
      so I thank you
      so does the little king;) he so enjoyed hanging out in my studio for the day
      most happy weekend to you
      and we will absolutely get together – this 1st visit will be quite intense as Caroline sets about her schedule and we parents go thru orientation – but the visit after that – absolutely!!!! and bring your biggest thermos;)

      Liked by 1 person

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