attached graveyard


in the ethereal dark

lights caress the chapel windows
cut glass haloed faces
above the nave

one if by wishing

two if by God
shoulders tangent in hope

song collective

hymnals in tufted tongues
touching cornerstones

sublime faith
only the sure-of-heart dare follow

they pray
as do I


angel ears outward bound
palms dutifully spread across the tabernacle
now fanned above the pulpit

down the aisles

past the pews

velveteen chattering knee rests
hit the floor like explosions
in the christened air

beyond the comatose vestibule 

where the marbled floor ends

as do 
the blessed copper receptacles
lost lambs

and renegade sheep

must wait outside

in the attached


I went to elementary Catholic school and attended Mass through my teens –
I pray I’ve taken away the best part
my children know to–
be kind, be decent, be proud, be humble,
love with your heart not your eyes
welcome others with your heart not your eyes
(be safe too!)

pastel done in the ’80’s when I was an agitated 20-something;)


6 thoughts on “attached graveyard

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie! You did a great job with your kids and you are a awesome and the coolest mother ever. That is why I picked you to be my wife in my new book ‘Santana, AnnMarie, Alex and Paige’ I play a father of 2 daughters who is a poor dishwasher and wants his daughters to marry for money to never have to live the poor life again a little(Fiddler on the Roof inspired) with my helping a trouble young gothic girl who ends up lusting after me trying to break up my marriage. It’s a cool story I am trying to balance breaks and time writing it. I am a little tired.AnnMarie=Number One! Woo hoo!!!!!!!!


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