It’s okay to give AnnMarie 2 birthday presents

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True Story

My parents got to the hospital just in time for me to enter the world. I was born several minutes past midnight, deep inside the womb of Saint Mary’s. When my dad went to pay the bill, he was informed by a dulcet-faced nun, he owed not for one but two full days. He inquired about the additional charges.

The congenial nun responded, “According to our paperwork, your daughter was born on May 19th, not May 20th. Our records do not reflect daylight savings time.”

Vito didn’t like being taken advantage of even by elevated folks of the cloth. He argued with the administrative woman of God. But with wife and newborn held as good faith collateral, my father relented and paid the extra twenty dollars.

I retell this story every May 19th to remind anyone who might care – “It’s okay to give AnnMarie, 2 birthday presents.”

God bless:)


23 thoughts on “It’s okay to give AnnMarie 2 birthday presents

  1. Happy Birthday AnnMarie! I got a BIG Birthday gift coming for you. You just get one gift for me but I’ll make it count. Happy Birthday AnnMarie! Happy Birthday Dear AnnMarie! Happy Birthday to you Dear AnnMarie! blow out the candles! Happy Birthday AnnMarie may all your birthday wishes come true! Happy 25th birthday!

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      • Well if you are 53 you look better than any 25 year old supermodel. You are number one in my book. Prettiest girl ever and coolest one ever and most talented. Your welcome I am feeling great hearing from you!


      • Yes AnnMarie if you were single and I was 32 and you are 53. The only girl I would want would be you. You are a very kind sweet lady very compassionate you can’t find those qualities everywhere. You are funny, smart and the coolest lady ever. You give good advice. Very comforting like a awesome mother. All your great qualities just enhance your beauty to be the beautifulest girl ever. You are a very good looking woman but what I like about you is your loving caring heart full of kindness and understanding. I like women who really care and understand.

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      • you’re killin’ me kid
        need I remind you, you are the amazing person who despite his circumstance – keeps working to maintain a positive attitude, you keep creating and smiling
        it is I who admire you
        keep the faith
        keep the smile
        keep on writing
        be well, Dan
        I’m done smiling for the day, I’m really starting to wrinkle around the mouth – damn smile lines;)!!!

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      • Well AnnMarie I am glad I made you smile big today on your birthday. Thanks that is nice of you to admire me no one ever said life would be easy and no one ever said it had to be hard either. With you AnnMarie as my good friend life is a lot easier. A good friend goes a long way. Happy Birthday AnnMarie!

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  2. Happy, happy birthday, my wonderful friend! I’d say it was okay to give AnnMarie many more than two birthday presents. (Coincidentally, I, too, was born at St. Mary’s Hospital, but in Tucson, AZ. The sweet nuns there were very unhappy with my parents for not giving me anything close to a saint’s name (not withstanding the fact that none of us were Roman Catholic).

    Hugs to you today – Fawn

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  3. Okey-dokey then! Harhar… 😉
    Hey, happy birthday again, AnnMarie!!!
    Ah, to be 35 again, laments the old woman (moi).
    Hope you had, and continue to have, a wonderful day.
    Love this story every time–always fun to read, and “you got the punch lines just right”! 🙂 Love that line: “held as good faith collateral, my father relented and paid the extra twenty dollars” — pecfecto!


      • Some smart Jersey gal once told me you’re only as old as you feel … or was that you’re only as young as … Can’t remember (part of aging). All I know was she was smart and talented and she made a lot of sense. 😉

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  4. I was born at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Belleville, Illinois on May 10, 1949. Mother’s Day that year was on May 8th but my mom always said I was her Mother’s Day present. 🙂


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