pooling around with Millie

There is a pool I go to early Thursday mornings with my mom. The pool is crystal. He is a beautiful blue like my mother in moonlight. We swim, jogging across the earth only wetter. Millie wears funny goggles not as large as Snoopy’s but funny just the same. The blue lenses match the water and when she goes beneath the surface half her face disappears. We had to make a no laughing rule, because I swallow too much water. She thinks I’ll sink like a stone if I suck up the entire pool out of happiness. And Rita swims to the right on mornings Millie and I don’t get a proper lane to share, because the dude who can do twenty butterflies across the pool and the flip thing at the end of each lap (I think he’s showing off for us old gals) grabs a lane early as does the gorgeous, petite Asian woman with the flawless skin. Rita, I adore. She wears a white bathing cap with flowers like Esther Williams and when she smiles, I swear the flowers change color and grow a little. Water is kind to Rita. To all the ladies. He’s a charming fellow gently embracing their bodies. He grants them a weightlessness that time steals once they ascend those metal steps. He is the lover. We love him. How kind, the pain floats away for awhile. Every brash sound in the world seems to disappear when he whispers bubble mumble into our ears. So we all will keep at loving him. And he will always remember when they wore deep red lipstick and used their mouths well. Now, his formal rectangle with proper scrubbed edges tends and respects our lady-ness like back in that day, when gents tipped their fedoras and newsboy caps to beautiful Millie and flower-capped Rita.

Mermaid Girl

Mermaid Girl

These words were inspired today while early swimming with my beautiful mother in a crystal blue pool. I was reflecting on my new age of 53 (technically not 53 until May 20th;)) and thinking how I don’t care much (can’t say completely because that would be a lie) mostly because I’m blessed to have Millie and Billy for as long as I can keep them. I hope to enjoy every precious perfect and imperfect moment with my parents. Thank you.

The art was created last year – hey, it was either the mermaid or a fish:)


7 thoughts on “pooling around with Millie

  1. I had to copy + paste this piece to look at it on the page–the real page (paper). And I have to say it looked every bit as good there as it does here, even better. So I have come to the conclusion that a) you’re showing off now because it’s your birthday :), b) you’re demonstrating your ability to write not only spectacular verse but spectacular prose, c) you’ve got no end to writing these gems (and I’m getting mighty jealous), and d) this has got to “go somewhere” (i.e., you know what I mean–>sub). The prose is so pleasant, the details superb, AM–really. And I can’t quite put my finger on it yet, but I dare say there’s a “new voice” coming through here, too–a really controlled, confident voice that is quite lovely to behold.

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    • hey there DS
      I know you don’t like to hear I don’t know what the hell I’m doing – just writing here and never quite sure if each piece is a ‘real’ form or what – you know ignorance is really bliss for me – if I thought too much my pen would get exceptionally tongue tied
      I thank you my dear friend – for your inspiring comment – words like these inspire me to continue…(ellipses for you;))


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