with your eyes open

horrid things flying as angels

great horned beasts women lust with feet apart

plumped out shapes men desire to sink into

sidling creatures climbing backwards coming at you

crawling chains locking your ankles to the planet

abhorrent missives pushing your dark secrets into their light

nasty bitch out there

nasty indeed

you need me bad

I’m the good witch

I can protect you

from the hurt, the guilt, them

my craving is for you only

dine off my fleshed-out tongue

slide your eyes across my hot fingers

feast with your hands in my body

I will never tell a soul

I will not whisper to a rock

to my death

I will take your thoughts

your subtle shudders

this will be our secret

our clandestine crush

between writer and reader


kiss me deep

with your eyes open
Little Mothman.
art done last year – my version of the Mothman
a fascinating urban legend


19 thoughts on “with your eyes open

  1. Beautiful work AnnMarie! I love The Mothman. Saw the movie and documentary. How are you doing today. I feel a little anxious had a bad memory trying to stay in the now and watch Scream tv series and talk to AnnMarie things that give me joy in life. AnnMarie=Number One! Woo hoo!

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  2. This… is… incredible. Who knew readers could be spoken to in such a tone?? I don’t remember Mrs. Manchester mentioning such things back in kindergarten. That’s what I get for daydreaming, I guess… 😴

    My dear AM!! Why aren’t you famous?? That is one wild ride on the ol’ metaphorical surfboard!! A-wella, bird, bird, bird, wella bird is a word! And what words they are– amazing. 🏄🐋🚑

    … slide your eyes across my hot fingers… now there’s an invitation no self-respecting poetry lover could refuse, even if it does make his eyes water… 😂

    A secret clandestine crush 
between writer and reader… what a delightful, and– to my knowledge– absolutely original notion. The “with your eyes open” was an inspired closer. Let’s see– where did I put those clothespins?? 😳

    You’ve got a unique talent, my dear AM– never doubt it! 😊

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    • how is it your comments always make me grin from ear to hair
      if you note my new pic – you may also notice those darn smile lines digging into my face – my personal plastic surgeon told me I must stop hanging around anyone who makes me smile too much 😉 see there I go again darn you funny man:)!
      hmm, famous – wow – well, if I do become famous I’ll definitely have to hire an extra plastic surgeon or two;)
      and you know after you make me laugh I have to get serious with you and say in my most humble voice, “thank you for your kindness, Mark”
      I am trying many different ways of writing. I am trying to improve and grow. I would love for something to happen somewhere, sometime (hey, know this is sounding like a musical;))
      thank you, my friend

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      • I dinna notice no steenking smile lines– nosuh! That grin o’ yourn could power half of New Hampshuh– serious mega-wattage there. So dun hesitate to let ‘er rip. Ya gotta Let Your Little Light Shine. I got that straight from The Kingston Trio… 🎸🎶

        I’m no poetry expert, but yours is a unique voice. I seem to know lots of super-talented people who– inexplicably– are not famous. There’s no explaining it, just a fact of life.

        Your attitude– “I would love for something to happen somewhere, sometime”– is exactly the right one, I think. Keep on doing your best, try to get your work out there where it can be seen, and let the buffalo chips fall where they may, as Wild Bill Cody never said to Sitting Bull Elephant… 🐘🚽

        Onward! Pass the spaghetti, and keep yer meatballs spicy, as my Irish grandmother used to say… 🍕🇮🇹🍺🇮🇪

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      • doing my best for this lifelong test – learning as I go, from the most talented folks I know (holy shit I’m rhyming)
        I’m way too uber-cool to hook a rhyme and lay a drool
        and that’s not even remotely funny but thanks and a half for calling me sunny – shit, still rhyming
        I thank you, Sir funny guy – oh, you’re such a sweetie pie – now I really gotta go – cause it’s time to seeds the sow (wait that is wardsback)
        and now I must end with a straight forward thought –
        you are an uplifting, talented and gifted soul –
        and I agree with you wholeheartedly there are so very many talented unsung humans attached at the other end of these blogs – what a spectacular earth – I hope we all make it happy:)
        thank you, Sir Mark
        (I will not smile, I will not smile…)
        darn, there I go 🙂 :)!!!

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