how I escaped

can you glide across marble
with my big feet tripping you
will you dance across scuffed inlay
while soaking in a swing band
if you know me at all
you’ll know why horn sections and maroon socks are perfect
will you sneer if an errant hair strand sticks to my shiny mouth
my lips are glossed ’cause I’m trying to look pretty
as you twirl me left
I can’t twirl right–that’s the side I always drop things on
will you know I never lived above an Italian deli but wanted to
or worked as a librarian
or sketched ponies in a hot air balloon
or need my bed sheets striped, otherwise I put them on the wrong way
will you know I dream all the time
too much all the time

something I was supposed to be held back a grade for
teacher voices never entering an ear
and out the other, only opera wishes and flying unicorns
will you judge me for drinking hot cocoa after red wine

will you know how I escaped
the someone once called me

and that I don’t ever want her to catch me again
all I need in this life
all I want anymore

is to dance all night as the swing band plays
with someone who doesn’t mind getting their feet stepped on

swing dancer

swing dancer

originally published last year, now edited and changed up a bit, finally in a verse place it belongs
art also previously published, gosh, I gotta get cranking in all directions


10 thoughts on “how I escaped

  1. Beautiful writing and Drawing AnnMarie! How did your day go? I am about to get lost in some movies wrestling or writing I need focus my mind on other things. I got 16 ps2 videogames for a buck. That will keep me busy. I am dying to write more but eager to find out the results of my diabetes test so I can figure out if I need to put even more focus on my health. AnnMarie=Number One! 5000 woo hoo’s today we all could use them today!


  2. This is lovely, AM. Was the first time, is even better the second time around. As for “hot cocoa after red wine,” uh — okay. Whatever turns your crank. LOL Now, the mystery, the mystery: the escaping the “someone” you don’t ever want you to catch you again–a beautiful touch, a perfect touch. This mystery “opens” the poem at the end, closes the thought but “opens” the mystery again. You’ve a brilliant mind.

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  3. Geez, sorry: just re-read. This made sense in my mind as my fingers were typing words. Now, here in print, no as much as I’d hoped. Consider my composing state of mind. 🙂

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  4. Loved this drawing when I first saw it… it more again! And so many phrases here that I find delight in. Did you know, there is a place in Seattle that specializes in all things chocolate and makes a milk chocolate port wine frappe???? Decadent!
    And oh that tendril of hair misplaced while dancing….I’m reminded of literally peeling myself away from my boyfriend’s cheek at prom, so much hairspray (Aqua Net lacquered on after getting home from the beauty shop where they’d already sprayed a layer or too) — as the evening got warm and my hairspray got tacky on his face! LOL…..
    I’ll dance with you any day my friend — and especially to that big band sound!

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