dreamer take all

before the flesh of another day fuses to your bones
in sleep you must remain awake planning your next move
a red glow from your electronic notebook frames the bedroom sill in hell
cool summer skies can’t suffocate thoughts of a burning future
what a forecast it is
unless you trap a white dream rabbit large enough
then whack off its giant foot to dangle around your neck
nothing good is coming your way
that’s how much luck you need
maybe the whole damn bunny strung around your life could do the trick
but there is no way this can work
you love animals better than people
maybe – up with bunny, down with people is part of the problem
stop fretting hell’s nightshade
and toying with giant white rabbits

stick your face beneath the sheet and try again tomorrow
dreamer take all

MeAnn der Ingline

MeAnn der Ingline


16 thoughts on “dreamer take all

  1. Beautiful work from a Beautiful AnnMarie! Hope you are having a good night. Feeling at peace tonight. AnnMarie=Number WOO HOO AnnMarie is the prettiest girl ever!


  2. Wiser words were never spoken, my friend. You know, the mark of a truly great writer (at least in my book) is being able to put words on a page that speak to readers, whether those words are intended to speak to them or not. Your words sing to the heart. Grazie.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love her long curvy full enveloping sleeves. And love the words here — yep. Sometimes it’s good to just pull the sheets up over our head and wait for another day! 🙂
    hmmmm that whole rabbit hangin’ down from our neck — not THAT would be quite an albatross!
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend — reading has been sparse, writing too. College friends flying in tomorrow for a five day stay — reminiscing, laughing, catching up, sharing wrinkles and hopes for the future! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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