the way home

blue horsesyou blew in from the west
over the mountains
yes, you were
fences knelt down before you
they knew
I didn’t
just how renegade you lived
painted horses tucked in your pockets
winged eagles in your arching limbs
I was
captivated by the movement of you
I was a farmer’s daughter
tending the domesticated
managing the meek
you yanked earth’s carpet from beneath my dusty sandals
my fall excited you
thrill caught the wet corners of your mouth
you kissed my naked feet
we pawed the dry soil with our dancing toes
the mountain’s other side
a mystery to me
you kissed me hard again
squared my trembling shoulders with the heaving sunset
unbound I wanted it all
in one delirious grab
I could have flown away with you
their cave-black eyes pressed to mine
like canvas prayers sailing to heaven
wet udder tears, careworn soldiering hooves
they knew not the way home
I did

20 thoughts on “the way home

  1. Beautiful writing and drawing AnnMarie! So they adjusted my meds again to give me more protection from not slipping into a relapse while bettering the diabetes. AnnMarie=The Most Beautiful Girl In The World! Woo hoo Woo hoo!


      • Thanks back on reg dose, working hard on my diet and my pdoc emailed my primary care let him know bipolar meds worsening a1c so it will be up to primary care to add or replace a diabetic med. woo hoo AnnMarie I am watching AnnMarie’s favorite movies The Saw movies! woo hoo


      • I do love my monsters but not when portrayed as flesh people. I don’t like those chop ’em up movies – the Saw dude, Nightmare on Elm…anything like that I can’t watch – give me a good hairy critter with giant claws or salivating teeth and I’m in…but can’t watch people to people horror…
        you enjoy though;)

        Liked by 1 person

      • I was watching Saw 2 with Boston’s own greatest Boston Celtic fan Donnie Walberg. Speaking of monsters as flesh people that book I dedicated to you ‘Murder My Sweet’ only 6 chapters in has gotten a ton of positive feedback its been very serious dark scary and interesting I’ve kept it very original and its very biblical plain good vs evil with more dimensions to it. I set out to do the scariest book I have ever done I think I have already reached that goal by a killer who wants to not chop up but torment and traumatize and scar his victims for life emotionally. I love it. It’s true horror that we don’t get enough of these days.


  2. I think I’m fucking going to cry: I just wrote you one of the most creative, inspired “comments” ever — and the gosh damn Internet failed me and my brilliant comment didn’t go through … I lost the fucker, dammit! (Please excuse the language.) Here’s sort of what I said, although not as brilliantly:
    You know, just once I’d like to crawl inside that psychedelic brain of yours, AM, and “see” how your poems get created/written. I always marvel at your word dexterity, yes, but these images are so original, so Rosellian: painted horses in pockets, winged eagles in arching limbs, wet corners of mouths, heaving sunsets, etc. I love it!
    And then there’s that terrific opening move: “you blew in from the west” (like a tumbleweed, I’m thinking).
    And then, as is typical with a Rosellian verse, toward the end comes a curveball, a real mystery: “their cave-black eyes” … Whose eyes? It doesn’t matter, although I’m guessing the ones belonging to the “udder tears” and “soldiering hooves,” and what a wonderful, wonderful image that one–the persona won’t be corralled like the cattle by this blustery fellow who blows in. Love it!
    Watching this poem (it’s a poem, Miss) develop is like watching a photo come up in the dark room, its form and meaning developing before our eyes (do you remember those dark rooms? I used to love them, although I fear more for the smell of the chemicals than anything else, lol).
    Anyhoo, Miss Whatever Your Name Is, I really like this piece. Your words, what you’re doing here, inspiring.
    (Now, if for some damn reason you got the other response, pick whichever one you want to use. :))

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  3. Okay — I must shift from hot coffee to something cooling reading this! You blew in from the west indeed! And knocked my socks off with this one. I agree with DS completely! This develops in such a masterful way — the accompany painting is great with it but the words truly stand alone. So many amazing turns with the words. Especially the heaving sunsets — the farmer’s daughter is a masterful contrast. Well — catching up indeed! This one should be sent out for publishing or definitely included in the book you are working on. If you meant to be “developing” with your writing — you are indeed. Of course I always thought your words and brush were amazing. ๐Ÿ˜Šโ˜•๏ธ

    Liked by 1 person

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