names not numbers

warm queen
so many words shoved into meaningless bits and bytes
thoughts tamped under layers before (God) has the chance to critique
duty convened by push button judgement
‘digit’less (bots) too crown
here in push button world
eager barefoot followers just one click away
might be (bot) love not the hand of (God) at work
light candles as ridiculous offerings to the muse
diaphanous paws stretch out to disinterested deities

rising Indus will breach her banks
before anything comes to your dry fingers
or the smoking mitt catches a paperball

impotent offerings will not ignite belly fire 
passionless minds shovel crap
your muse isn’t coming back

click away my friend
bottom up excitement over those (cold) hot digits
finger following only after proper servicing
does (he) like (her) back does (she) like (her) back if (he) hasn’t seen (their) front
it is all a front for backdoor courage
stay true to the brown polyester child
popcorn and balloons
names not numbers
names not numbers
names not numbers

do you ever wonder
how many followers God has
not that it matters
I was just wondering


10 thoughts on “names not numbers

  1. I couldn’t agree more about SM, AM. Creation, all creation, is driven on faith, but faith shouldn’t concern itself with “others” (including muses) and their responses, appraisals. You have to have faith in yourself because, let’s face it, at the end of a day all you have is your own shadow. At least that’s how I feel about this goofy creative stuff.
    Sadly, I don’t know who I am in this social media world, don’t even recognize the “person” who stands behind my avatar/Gravatar.

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    • I know who you are in this fu sm world
      ds is one hell of an amazing and talented writer whose prose are gritty, honest, raw, and perfectly riveting

      it is easy, too easy to get caught up – I’m learning to shut my phone off at night after 8 pm (unless a kiddie isn’t home) and I don’t look at it again until I’ve done my morning routine first – so far it seems to be working


      • Whatsa “fu”? 🙂
        I apologize I’m behind in my reading.
        I appreciate your kind words, AM.
        I wish I could dump all SM. My neighbor is reading my texts and I think she’s talking to other neighbors. Don’t worry, I’m not paranoid, yet. LOL
        I have discovered that I really like margaritas. Although wine is still primo.

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      • that’s me being dainty and not saying
        fucked up 😉 as I think I’ve been throwing that down a bit much lately;)
        perhaps, I should bump up my class of wine;)
        margaritas – I’ve had many a colorful memory with those lovely things
        perhaps, you should invite the neighbor over for a few;) (maybe she’s in the bushes and you won’t have to walk all the way to her house;))


      • Easy solution: move. 😉 Ah, stick with wine, AM. Those f*ing salted rims–my weight’ll probably be up in the morn. Nice talkin’ to ya again, AM.

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  2. …the smoking mitt catches the paper ball…
    Oh you can turn a phrase my friend. Trust me … The muse has not abandoned you! Followers in this blogosphere — I do confess, I sometimes watch those numbers and about a week ago I saw three had departed…to where? And why? And we’re they ever there to begin with since in reality — as in words on posts or fast clicking likes perhaps to just rush by — are far far less than that number shows. And what’s in a number and why do we care? The names are the participants and the most important participant is the writer — putting thoughts to paper/screen. You my friend — are all I need with my morning cup — in addition to that earthy aroma now that I am slow brewing — and writing too. Write on my friend!! Write on!!

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    • glad you liked that particular line – ’twas was my favorite – you can take the girl off the softball field but you can’t take the field outta the girl;)
      I’ve been doing quite a bit of soul searching lately. It is dangerously easy to veer off course – I want to stay true to my words and not worry about anything else – Deb knows this very well – I never look at my blog follower number – don’t want to see it for this reason
      thank you for your generous words, Lillian

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